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Nootropics and phenylpiracetam

This is a brief one :)

I am still stuck waiting for an ADD diagnosis, because my incompetent GP didn't bother to answer their questions and I had to chase things up. In the meantime, I've been looking up nootropics (cognitive enhancers). Phenylpiracetam looks extremely promising and I've ordered a batch.

Has anybody got experience of any of the racetam drugs, or nootropics in general?

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Eek 8 months for a diagnosis? (Going by your last post.) Will ADD diagnosis help with the head symptoms?


My symptoms mimic ADD more than anything else. (There's some mild chronic fatigue too, but that's less of a priority.) Since nobody believes I have a brain injury, I'm going for an ADD diagnosis instead - at least that way I'll get something rather than nothing. It seems reasonable that ADD treatment might help.


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