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Post concussion syndrome and increasing fatigue

10 weeks on from banging my head in a fall things did seem to be improving a little , the dizziness and headaches less of a problem etc. But for the last two days I've been feeling completely exhausted most of the time, it's happened quite suddenly. Is this usual? Maybe I'm just catching up after all those disturbed nights during the heatwave, or it's yet another flare up of my autoimmune condition (Sjögrens syndrome) which also causes fatigue., but wonder if this has happened to anyone else.

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Not sure the is a usual, everybody’s experience is different. However I had to rest up for 5 Months, it was not too hard as my brain and body would not let me do anything else.

I can work to about 15:30 hrs and as soon as I am picked up I shut down, mentally and physically.

The weather has not helped, for sure.

Do you stick to a schedule to manage your fatigue. I do and if I deviate then I know I am going to be worse off later and possibly the next few days.

Sorry not much help.

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Thanks. No I don't have a schedule, I don't work, and because of the Sjögren's syndrome often don't do an awful lot anyway, so am used to trying to manage my energy levels, but it's easy to overdo it on good days isn't it. Still feeling tired today but I'm hoping that in fact it's mostly due to a massive flare up of my condition, I've got the usual aches and pains in my muscles and joints. Hopefully it will soon pass. Unfortunately I think the concussion means I get more flare ups at the moment.

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My mum had post concussion syndrome after a head injury. She did feel more tired. I hope you do not get flare ups with the auto-immune disease. I did hear turmeric lattes with black pepper or ginger lattes can help with inflammation of joints and recovery from pcs. Check out TIna M Sullivan, Nourish your Noggin cookbook which was written according to Dr Diane Stolpert's dietary advice for pcs sufferes.

Hope this helps

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Thanks Jayne, I'll have a look for the book, that would be useful. I read about turmeric too but I haven't tried it, I do use fresh ginger in hot water to make a warming drink though.

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I have tried both turmeric lattes and pills with black pepper. I think they improve symptoms of inflammation. My mum improved when I started using it more in recipes plus other herbs in Tina's book.

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My TBI was 20+ years ago and I still suffer daily fatigue and have to sleep for 1-3 hours every day. Infuriating. I try to pace myself in order to keep the sleeps down to 1-2 hours. I hope yours improves.

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Sorry SillyPhil, looks like I didn't reply to you. And sorry to hear you're still having problems with fatigue after 20 years, that must make life very difficult. I find one of the frustrating things is that it varies from day to day, as do the other symptoms I have, so it's difficult to plan anything. The dizziness is particularly bad at the moment too which is a bit scary. But on the plus side the heatwave is over...

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