More surgery!

More surgery!

As my AVM hasn't been completely obliterated yet, I'll be having another round of treatment on Sunday. Loads of it has gone though.

I'm a bit nervous of course, but I just tell myself that it can't be as bad as conventional surgery. Although it does take 2-5 years to work...

It's worked great so far, with little side effects as far as I can tell, so if you've been offered the treatment I highly recommend it!

Wish me luck!

(Picture shows how much has gone already)

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  • Oh good luck .

    Where is the hospital?

  • Royal hallamshire in sheffield!

  • Hi Ben, good luck for Sunday. So pleased to see its working for you. Kx

  • Wishing you the very best of luck Ben ; though seeing evidence of the remarkable transformation in your brain It's pretty obvious that luck played only a tiny part, and it's science/professional expertise and technology which are the real heroes.

    I remember seeing my 'before & after' scans and feeling really moved..............that the man sitting opposite me had performed that amazing procedure which had saved my life.

    We've followed you as you've face this challenge amid personal demons and siezures, to continue at Uni & complete your studies. GK has been good to you ; I hope you'll see this as the final stages of your brain's amazing recovery.

    Heartfelt best wishes Ben ; see you later............Cat xx

  • Thanks as always Cat :)

  • Good luck I had two lots of radio surgery to obliterate my AVM it worked but its a daunting experience I know which hospital are you going to? X x x

  • Good to see that it works... It'll be at royal hallamshire in Sheffield - how about you?

  • Mine was Sheffield too they have a nice roof to garden x

  • Man was at Sheffield hospital to

  • Amazing to see how far it and you have come!

  • Thanks Roger!

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