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Hypoxic hypoxia brain damage after heart? Know in vegetative and semi state like mixed no response but reacts at times any hope please reply

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Like Dady had a heart attack after that he was deprived of oxygen for about 20 mins like incident took place on 18th September 2017 still in hospital fighting for him and things like obviously doctors want to withdraw treatment and take us court know but we will fight for him till his last breath like they saying his not gona recover and we believe he will coz he proved them wrong on lots of fings there was a time where they Said without ventalator he can’t breath know he’s breathing like a normal person and said never gona open his eyes which he does know n said other rubbish you know what I mean but recently he went for a scan and to a specialist which was something electrogram or mri don’t know which but neurologist said his not totally gone he does have slight hope and they want to work with him that gives us hope a bit but the hospital doesn’t want him to get treatment wdf like know he feels pain like if you pinch him or cut his nails like I couldn’t really tell if is in a vegetative or minimal conscious cos I believe his conscious comes then goes which I believe his in semi conscious state like we’re keeping faith and his come so far like what do I do know ? Like sometimes when I say dad he opens eyes but doesn’t follow with eyes Like Salford Royal Hospital gona decide some time end of the month or sometime in January like so been stressed from the very beginning like anybody have any experience please be helpful And no rude comments like been bad as it is like when doctors think they are God’s just so sad how humans behave so please advise me or share your experiences please thank you so much love you all xxxx

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I'm sorry you're feeling so threatened regarding your dad's situation, but brain injury is complex and doctors can never be 100% accurate in predicting the outcome.

I was treated in Salford Royal after a sudden brain haemorrhage and, in truth, they were very efficient in dealing with complications and my difficult behaviour (owing to severe pain), and ultimately saved my life.

The doctors will be offering you dad's prognosis from what they see on his MRI scan, other observations and their past experiences. But you should be given the benefit of the doubt if there are professional differences of opinion, and I wish you every success in acheiving the support you need to allow more time for your dad's progress.

All best wishes for better days to come, Cat x

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Pray for him will mean so much I really appreciate your comments may good keep your and your family in the best of health and bless you with everything you want xxx

Goodness me what a difficult situation you're in. I'm so sorry for you and hope you can find a resolution. This must be so difficult a time of year for you to have all this to deal with. I wish you so much luck with the next phase of treatment. Blessings x

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Yes it is init it’s life but what can you do we just dint see it comeing the honest truth and you don’t know what’s round the corner init you learn so much when things like that happens like still in shock just pray to god he gets transferred to the Salford neurologist hospital it’ll give us new hope and lolz new year revolution would be to see dad at his best I wish and again elanor thank you so much with your beautiful comments x

That is exactly what happened to my son days before his 30th birthday and they told me he would not survive and if he did he would not be able to do much. That was in 2012 and he is still here. It has been a very slow process but he is getting there slowly. My son was in James Cook Hospital and then Walkergate in Newcastle.

Anthony's consultant Dr Khalid Anwar told us that no one can predict how long it will take someone to recover if ever, or whether they will or not because every brain injury is different. I would say continue to fight for your dad as he has made progress. All the very best to you and your family I will pray for you and a big hug.


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I assume you exactly know what am going through and sorri for late reply and what’s the condition of your son know so sorri to hear can you please give me a detail about the hospital night mare just so curious

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And is did they send him to a neurologist hospital aswell

I’ve been searching the net for critical ill patients in icu and I came up with many people sharing their recovery on YouTube. God is capable of giving full recovery beyond what doctors believe. Stay strong.

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It’s hard I make prayers n dua everyday

The same thing happened to my husband 10 months ago. He was also in James Cook hospital then Walkergate which is a specialist neuro rehab hospital. In Walkergate he underwent a SMART assessment to establish his level of consciousness. He is mid level minimally conscious but still slowly improving. The SMART assessors told me progress continues for at least 5 years. I was told now everyone in this condition is supposed to have a SMART assessment before any decisions are made. You need to ask Headway to help you and insist on one.

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So happy his still with you x you must been through a lot and can he communicate with eyes and things and we just got told we’re gona be getting transferred to Salford rehab so really happy x

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That’s good news. Hopefully Salford will assess him properly. My husband cannot communicate . But he has facial expressions, we get smiles, frowns and cries. He is sad when we leave. I’m sure he understands a lot. Just have to keep positive

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It’s so hard it’s been 4 months and know I fink I’m his trying to move more and gets his pupils up when I talk to him I see signs of recovery but slow off course it’s such a waiting game and I fink like your husband his given us facial expressions to it’s so sad to see them like that but I visit every day n it’s hard init

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how is he now my fiancé has been in minimal state after his anoxic injury its been 3 weeks going on 4 im so depesperate to know if hell be ok. so stressful I have seen practically every video on youtube from zolpidem, stilnox, stem cell all I can tell u is play his favorite songs, make a recording of yourself, hold his hand thats all I do. good luck my frien xx

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But I believe his still in there have you ever heard or read about amantadine n zolpidem drug for people in that state ? Really inspiring

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Yes it’s very hard. Just have to try and keep hopeful.

Hey hun. Firstly take a breath it sounds like you got so much on. It sounds like it is going good to be a long process. Have they diagnosed him as vegetative state yet? Those are positive movements he is making but I don't know if there will be more progress... What I know of vegetative state they look to diagnose at 6mth from reading the net. I'm trying to be honest but reading your story it sounds like you may have to consider what he would want in this situation. I hope and pray for you he comes back. If you need any advice on hypoxic feel free to talk to me. Got 2 months of experience regarding it x

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So sorry for my late reply’s solus hope your well n thank you for giving me a reply ye like know he’s responding to sound pain and when you talk to him and things heel look at you direct and with his pupils he picks it up and know his nodding his head as in saying yes and no slowly like you keep got to try like when I say open your mouth he does it aswell so .... ??? Confusing init we’re waiting for rehab in Salford aswell solus and know they not gona take us to court because there isn’t enough evidence and coz his been accepted in Salford royal x

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Excellent news sounds like you had progress since you posted then *high five* glad your getting to Salford they defo will know more, I can't offer much knowledge on Salford as we skipped Salford and went straight from original hospital to Trafford (once you get to a point with Salford Trafford will be next in the rehab stage) hypoxic brain injury is such a complicated thing and you can't put time or anything on it. We were told my bf could not recover however now we are being told he could have an excellent chance of recovery. If he was only starved for 20 mins as per your original post then his prognosis has hope, it is going to be a waiting game though. I wish you all the luck in the world x

It’s exactly the same as what happened to my father , it’s been 46 days and he gives the exact signs as your father gives, Please tell me if there’s any progress, I’m desperate for hope .

And the worst part is , Me and my family live in Egypt, where the medical services suck.

I hope they both get well soon , I’m praying, and I’m not going to give up on my father ever, no matter what the doctors say, please be strong and keep fighting for him

And please tell me if you found anything that could help, thanks

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Hi you can call me on 07786949500 or what’s app me il tell you what to do I know what your going through il help you the best I can

I’m sorry to hear about your dad I truly feel your pain when they say it’s a emotional rollercoaster that putting it lightly I have a son 34 had overdosed my father found him at his home unconscious called the ambulance when they got there he had a slight pulse he was in icu for 20 days the day that it happened we were told u know what I was told dr have no compassion For u or your loved one to come back later to tell us maybe he spoke to soon the mri should the brain as any normal brain and the scan showed dully brain waves but normal being sedated breathing over the vent they decided To take him off didn’t work had to recent have a trach put in then gave him a bronk lung were filled with plugs he was released to a acute hospital kindred were they were great they recovered his kidneys liver and heart is strong to be released to a rehab center but still not conscious or aware they gave him aspirated pneumonia In 3 days now back to the hospital for 11 days took him home from there dr gave all prescriptions except for the fentnal patch called right away and was told he doesn’t have a nervous system And can’t feel anything nurse argued the issue seen him going through withdraws and I got nothing from him heart beat was 145 blood pressure was 180/121 nurse called the ambulance now at the hospital another 9 days with withdrawals and another infection put him back on the patch dr was wrong he does feel then want to send him home with iv antibiotic I refused and fought to get him back at kindred the only one that cares and has love in there heart the dr there had put him on brain stimulated Med he started looking around more focused looks at u when u call his name I bought a light that puts Colorful moving stars on the ceiling he follows them Now he’s going thru for some reason out of no where gets real tight try’s talking just mouth movement eyes look like a dead stare heart rate goes up and starts sweating now they have up his seroquel and muscle relaxer and been sleeping for almost 48 hours don’t know what to do it’s killing me my heart is broken everything feels like a double edge sword but I do know one thing I will not lose my faith I have learned u don’t take life for granted a blink of the eye your whole life can change I’ll never stress about the small things in life anymore this is the longest 5 months of my life

HI. My name is Jennifer. My Sister, on June 25, 2017 (at 39 years old) had anoxic brain injury from a heart attack. She is also in a vegetative state. .. she was a Physical education teacher, healthy , ran marathons and was a single mother of 3 children. This is a nightmare for our family. Its been 605 days (or 20 months) since her attack. She has been in a sub actue center due to her trache because she can not swallow yet. She is awake and has pain response and we know she is in there waiting to pull through. What I know is that DOCTORS still don't know a lot about the brain, MIRACLES can happen and it will take TIME! If anyone wants to reach out to me, please do. I was just searching for some support groups and found this tread. Sometimes it feels like we are all alone in this fight. The world keeps moving and we are stuck with no answers or no help. I will pray for all of you... ~ Jennifer

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