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I would like to point something out that maybe pepole will not be aware of? While carers are regoconised for all that they do,what about those,myself included who need and want to return to work? I would not and will never regret what i did for my husband,however due there being a 3 year gap on my C.V i still have no job,my husband has returned to work, a new job in the industry he has expriance in.My C.V is soild well structerd and i have skills and expriance. I had a rare interview last week where my C.V was picked to bits, in part due to the gap! i have explained the gap,even pointed out that my husband is fine,still no job! Why are employers even for basic cleaning jobs so concerned with a gap? is it a lack of understanding on how long it takes to recover from A.B.I? is it that they think iam merely lazy,and was sat around doing nothing for 3 years? Bottom line we need a second income like most households in the U.K.I have real skills to offer,iam 45 i have a right surely to return to work,to contribute while i study or in the end will i have to give my degree up and work 40 -50 hours a week because thats all i could i get? i need 25 by the way. So i just wanted to say give us all a chance. And feel free to share this

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  • Hi Ray.

    Errrrrr what gap??????

    If it's the 3 years of givIng care to your husband then there is no gap. The skills you will have used and may have gained or invaluable.

    Even if you forget the physical and emotional support.....Which you shouldn't..... Then what about dealing with other agenies. The Form filling along with all the other skills needed to successfully help your husband back into work.

    Yes that may be the role of a carer but don't just put " caring for husband" on your c.v.

    The very least you should do is add all these skills at the end of your c.v.

    My wife has returned to work ( whilst still caring for me ) and initially came across this. It was as though for 8 years she had been at home watch day time TV.

    I then got her to list the things she had done for me....Yes both sides of an A 4 sheet. Suddenly people took notice.

    Carer is not a long enough word for what people such as yourself do for the people you care for.

    If you don't want to list it on your c.v. Then take the list to the next interview. When they start picking holes in the gap then let them have it ....Both barrels.

    NEVER EVER say your JUST a carer.

    Pax x

  • Well said pax.

  • Excellent response from Pax, Razy. I have been a carer for many and also been cared for myself at times. I know the work involved and varied skills that need to be acquired - it is not for the fainthearted ! There is no clocking in/out time like a regular job, on call 24/7. I think listing your many abilities as a carer is a great idea, to present to employers who question why you needed to take 3 years out of employment. Be proud of that role. If we had to pay our carers as professionals for all that they do it would cost a fortune, yet they give it all for free. Wishing you success very soon, Angela x

  • Thanks everyone, the irony is i have worked in the care sector for 4 years! prior to my hubby,so yes i will be adding my newly honed skills!

  • Can only echo what Pax and Angela have said Razy. You've been a specialist nurse/consultant/counsellor/accountant etc., etc., for the past 3 years !

    Be proud of what you've accomplished ; it's proof of your adaptability, resiliance, devotion, and versatility !

    .................hope you find what you need to survive ; you can't give up your studies after coming this far. 👏

    Love Cat xxx

  • i know i donot want to give up my degree! thanks of course you are all right and i will re do my c.v and start sending it out

  • I can't add anything to what has been said before - great replies - but I can wish you good luck in your hunt for a job :-) xxx

  • My C.V is now updated and "out there" the list of things i did was too long so i chose six! here is hoping

  • I wonder if i could take this further,I.E gather some qualtaive and qunative evidance and see what how much awareness and help i could generate? Hey admin types what do you think?

  • Ask for feedback from your interview knowledge is power. I did a interview and didn't for totally different reasons to the ones I was thinking. If anot employer does not value your carers role then working for them is unlikely to be positive. Ensure you write Downotes all your skills as a carer and present it as a positive challenge that as made you a stronger and more resilient person. Don't give up the right job and right employer is out there xx

  • I didnot need feedback lol,as it turns out (unsurpisingly) i didnot get the job,however my C,v is re done and looking better! Thanks i do hope so

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