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I thought TBI was the worst thing


Sadly today I have just learnt that my best friend has just been diagnosed with a tumour gliomas anaplastic glioma grade 3 in his left frontal lobe and has only 4 years to live.

I am unsure of how to feel as I am emotionally compromised by my TBI and this news is tragic I am lost and upset to some extent, it could be the fact that until his brain surgery is done and the chemotherapy starts as it is only an estimate and they have shrunk the remaining tumour following the bulk removal in the surgery.

He is not thinking correctly I expect he has not taken it in or is in denial.

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What a shock, I am so sorry. I'm sure it will take some time to come to terms with.

My thoughts are with you both xx


Padmeister in reply to Kirk5w7

Hi Janet,

Thank you for kind words. We will know more next Tuesday following the appointment with his consultant neuro surgeon and more once the brain surgery.

I hope your day is incident free.

Timothy aka Padmeister

I am so sorry. This kind of news has so many dimensions -- how you will be affected by the suffering or potential loss of your best friend, your friend's emotions, the medical probabilities, the unknowns of his particular case, etc.: Anyone would feel somewhat numb or in suspension for a while. It may be a time to try to stay in the present as much as possible, since that is all we can really "control". I am sure that you will be a great source of support to your friend.

Hi TaIaV,

That is the word I could not describe myself as, indeed numb and in some way he is too.

I think as his is terminal and all that can be done is to manage the remaining tumour after his surgery and try to extent the length of time he lives for.

Then the battle in quality of life and side effects from treatment and medication.

So thank you for your kind words in your reply to my post.



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