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Just a query my daughter was discharged from hospital last week after a road accident which left her fighting for her life she is due to attend court tomorrow as a witness for a serious crime.I went to doctor to get a letter to excuse her it wasnt my own doctor and she refused to give her it which now my daughter is really anxious and worried she doesn't have a front skull bone and im worried incase someone bangs against her head

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Hi Angela

My heart goes out to you.

I know there are people with such better brains that mine in the forum who can give you really good answers.

My thoughts are to ring the hospital fisrt thing and ask them whether yooir daughter is fit to testify and to contact the court on her behalf.

Also try ringing the court or police and explain to them.

No way should your daughter have to go through that amount of stress so soon after discharge.

If the worst happens and she has to go insist that you go with her.

Wishing the best for you both

Lots of lovenhugs


Oops forgot to say ring Headway too.

angelat63 your best bet is to go to your local police station explain your concerns and see what happens.

only thing i can think of sorry

Hi Angela,

My heart too goes out to you and try not to worry about this situation. My suggestion would be this:

If the police need her to go to court surely it can be done via video link if your daughter is up to this. There is no way she should be made to if she feels 1% fragile and it would do her any harm at all. Im am damb sure the police would agree to this too especially if she is to be cross examined by the other lawyers snd may not be up to it.

If you can speak to the police and be absolutely honest with them and tell them the situation. God bless and I truly hope they listen to you. XX N

Angelat63 in reply to MXman

Thankyou for your reply i need to phone them tomorrow but the procurator fiscal said the police dont have a say on it x

Ah so you are in Scotland!

The system is different I know. What did the PF say?

I wish you and your daughter the very best.

Remember that the police, courts PF and all have a duty of care and if necessary find out who is in charge of proceedings and remind them of it.



Good luck

Thanks everyone she didnt receive her citation so i hept her away from court but her friend who was there explained about her so hopefully she wont be called back up


I am so relieved to hear that.

Please remember that we are here anytime you need and we look forward to your companionship.



That's terrible....

I would definitely call the hospital and if no luck then call the courts yourself and explain the situation... I'm sure they will understand. I think you should change doctors if this is their support.


i do hope she doesnot have to go,sounds like she wont.my hubby has lost part of his skull at the front too,he feels vunberable but tries not to let it stop him.hopefully he will have a plate fitted next year,best wishes for youre daughters ongoing reacovery xxx

Thankyou x

pleasure xx


I had a court case once i contacted PF and told them why i feel i cannot attendand my reasons i told them if they do not believe me im not stopping them contacting my doctor, After a day they got back to me and they had agreed with me that i wasnt able to i told them my front lobe injury as-well as temporal and all the problems comes with it

Angelat63 in reply to Hidden

Thanks they didnt deliver the citation but i was determined she wasnt attending as one of het friends went and she left court an emotional wreck x

MXman in reply to Angelat63

Sounds like the right result Angel. Hope you are well. XX N

Angela if your daughter was given a letter of dischRge from the hospital, hang o to it for dear life, in case there is any come back for her in respect of her health or the court case! Presumably you also have a police accident report no, from your daughters own road accident, start a file now and keep everything relevant, including the doctors refusal to issue a letter, and your daughters stress. Keep any court papers you have.

At least you can prove the accident date, and the court hearing summons. In days and months to come, it's possible your daughter will have PTSD, on top of a brain injury.

I was involved in a car accident here in France, details aren't relevant now at the moment, but that was 9 months after my BI, I went through a hellish time here especially with the language and a police interview, followed by a court case that took 18 months to get to court.

I know how you feel, which is why I say keep copies of every single thing relevant to your daughters current and future situation. if your daughter hasn't yet completed an accident claim form, make sure she writes everything down in as much as detail as she can now, ready to write on the claim form. It took me months to get anywhere, I was lucky the judge read all statements and must have taken my BI into account, the verdict was decided before I was in a fit state to go and be told it.

I wish you and your daughter well plus, good luck with everything! Shirley x x x

Thankyou she didnt attend court but i have now started writing things down as she is the type of person who is always always happy and when you ask how she is keeping she says fine but I look at her and see sadness also she is really cheeky to me sometimes just smiles and carries on speaking like it never happened she doesnt do it to anyone else though.i suppose its something i will just have to deal with thanks

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