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Is it safe to go in for surgery following a mild concussion (possible PCS)?

Hi there,

So last week I had an accident on a film set where by I ended up being thrown forward and hitting my head off the windscreen of a vehicle when the person driving it crashed into something stationary. Long story short, I went to A&E later in the day and I was examined via a series of hands on tests (no scan) and told by a doctor that it was likely I had suffered a mild concussion and that I should rest up.

I have taken her advice and been resting for the most part. I have found myself sleeping more. I have the occasional ache in my head, only lasts for a couple of seconds, nothing extended. However today I noticed when I was walking down the stairs that I had something like pins and needles in my feet and lower legs, that along with what can only be described as reduced sensitivity in the same areas.

The reason for my posting here is that on the 29th of this month I am due to be going in for surgery. I am trying to get an appointment with my GP before then, however what I have read online points to me having symptoms of a possible post-concussion syndrome.. Is it safe for me to be going in for surgery? I plan on telling the anesthetist what's happened.

Bit of background about myself: I'm very fit and healthy, try to eat clean, I don't smoke or drink at all and this is the first time I have ever experienced any kind of head injury.

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I really can't advise on whether it's safe or not. Do you have the contact details of the surgeon? Perhaps you can contact them. Otherwise, a GP appointment is probably your best way forward.

Keep resting until your symptoms clear, though do try to do some gentle exercise, like a short walk if you can. It's probably worth seeing your GP anyway as a follow up after your A&E visit, if only so they can sign you off work!


Hi reallly we are not medically trained on here so shouldn't be advising you on a serious matter like this. You must seek professional advice. If you decide to go ahead then it is your decision. Remember you will be signing a document before surgery saying you understand the risks etc etc. It is your life and only you can make that decision make sure you have all the facts xxx



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