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Post Concussion Syndrome following RTA


I was in an RTA 8 weeks ago when a woman came speeding round the corner over onto my carriageway and before i had time to react she had hit the side of my car.

The concussion was missed when i got taken into A&E initially, they just told me i had muscle damage. The following morning i started vomitting, back to A&E who confirmed i didn't need to hit my head to get concussion, it was the thrusting motion causing my brain to bash against my skull.

They sent me away again, and 2 days later i was back in again as my symptoms got worse. I couldn't even keep liquids down and couldn't stand the light. I had a CT scan which was thankfully clear. They gave me an anti sickness injection which didn't work, followed by 2 different types of anti sickness tablets. After 5 days i could finally drink fluids and eat toast.

I thought that's when things would get better, i expected to be ok after that.

I wake every day feeling like i have a hangover and feel like i walk around in a bit of a haze.

My short term memory is really bad.

I feel a bit death, like my ears just need to pop.

I struggle looking at and typing on screens (she says typing on this but i really have to limit my time - 15 minute blocks I've got to try and build up to being able to sustain)

I struggle with my concentration

And worst of all i get incredibly frustrated at my rate of, or lack of progress, feeling isolated and alone, and like a fraud because i have no visible injury so everyone thinks you should be ok.

Sorry to rant. I just feel like i don't know where to turn at the minute. I feel alone :-(

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Hi Kate and welcome to the forum. PCS can persist for around 3 -12 months, so don't think in terms of 'fraud'. Please try to be forgiving of your issues ; anger will only prolong your symptoms.

If possible, take as much rest as your brain demands (sleep is the finest healer for a damaged brain) together with wholesome food and exercise. It's not the best weather for a walk around the block but, wrapped up well, walking will create a good supply of valuable oxygen to your brain and body as well as producing endorphins (feel-good chemicals) which lift the mood and improve appetite and immune response.

Time to start a regime of 'Kindness to Kate' I think m'dear ! And the passage of time will do the rest.............. 😳

Cat x

Kate1984 in reply to cat3

Thankyou Cat.

It's nice to read everyone's stories on here going through similar things. It helps me to realise I'm not alone x

cat3 in reply to Kate1984

😊 x


The Headway website has a wealth of information....very good place to start.

I would ignore the labels of the individual conditions and read all of it. My diagnosis of PTSD turned into TBI, PCS, axonal diffusal, bleed on brain, then clot stroke, at different times with different consultants!

Try to work your way through all the info sheets if you can. Really useful.

Good luck!

Whilst PCS can clear quickly for some us it does not. 20 Months in, some improvements. Everybody is different and I only mention it to advise that you see your GP and find out if the practice has any experience in treating PCS / BI.

I have found that the lack of any exterior injury meant I was treated differently and not referred to specialist as they are for 'people with serious injuries'.

I wish you a speedy recovery.

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