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Not PIP afterall

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Turned up for, what i thought was a PIP assessment and turns out its an assessment ESA.

My stress levels went through the roof. Just a coincidence i thought it was for PIP and there was NO indication on the letter it was for ESA.

Even when i was granted ESA last time the only way i knew was on the bank statement.

They didnt even have the decency to tell me.

So ive not got my PIP and i might even lose my ESA.


Seriously thinking about becoming a smackhead and then ill get everything

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So sorry to hear this spidey. It shouldn't be so hard for us to get or keep getting our benefits that we should be entitled to.

Does Headway do advocacy in these situations? It's a nonsense how little assessors know about the effects of head injuries. The questions they ask are so superficial it's ridiculous, they take no account of the reality of living with a head injury!

I feel your pain. I scored zero on PIP and now have an ESA assessment. My councillor recommended speaking to Welfare Rights, so got an appointment this Friday. I will let you know if these are the people to fix your problem 😊

I had esa assessment a while back. They lied about what had been said and just ignored what was said so lost it. I appealed mainly through my mum helping and got to the assessment and got it back. So if you do lose be ready with people who can help with appeal.

Pip on other hand was completely oppersite went through that and got highest one on both. Yet I have heard people saying pip assessment is worse than esa. Depends who does assessment some honest some lie.

Must agree with Keele it depends on who interviews you or looks at your case.

My ESA was done by them " calling in for a chat".

Didn't know I was being assessed. Maybe a good thing. As for pips I was ready for the fight but was awarded it before assessment.

I did send rather a lot of supporting evidence.

Keep fighting...Though we shouldn't have to fight that hard.


Yep i agree its who you get. Please ensure that you push it all the way if you get a negative result and like what has been said use all the support and services and medical evidence that you can. Its ridiculous but unfortunately you have too. Dont let the bar stewards beat you. Good luck im sending you positive vibes for a good outcome xx

Thanks x

Hiya Spidey. I've applied 4 times for PIP and been turned down 4 times. I've had the notice of appeal, filled it in and when I feel up to it I'll get it posted. They have to receive it by 24th Sept so I don't have to rush. Keep your chin up and don't give in. Dave

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