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Hi everyone, just received the decision of my PIP assessment and been refused. Not impressed, I am sixty, worked full time all my life, and never claimed anything before, all I wanted was some help with reducing my work hours. There is no mention on the assessment regarding daily headaches, fatigue or unsteadiness when tired, what a waste of time, love Alice xx

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  • Hi Alice

    I had same with my husband applied after his accident when he had problems keeping a job down because of cognitive issues after a Traumatic Brain Injury. I took it to Appeal and went to hearing.

    He worked for NHS Ambulance Service for nearly 30 years had to resign basically before he got pushed....

    Since then he has went through many many jobs as can not hold his thoughts in his head.

    I have taken PIP decision twice to Appeal and twice not met criteria.

    He suffers from fatigue, headaches, says things that may offend, has mood swings, no concept of money/finance the list goes on.

    He scored 6 points 2 away from the 8 required to get PIP.

    I gave up after that as don't know how bad someone has to be to actually get this award.

    I would take it to Appeal if not already done so go to Social Work and ask for Welfare Officer you may be luckier than my husband was....

  • All sounds very familiar with the added bonus of heart disease. I'm 63yrs old, live alone, and get no assistance from anywhere. I received my 4th refusal yesterday. I too have worked all my life, except for the time of my injury. I'm fair p'd off and give up. I'll wait for my OAP in 2 years, unless that gets altered again. Dave x

  • Do you go to Headway meetings They are very good at advice and help about putting your case more effectively Our group always has an adviser at the meetings

  • My husband refuses to go as he thinks he is fine he doesn't see or think he has any problems which is classic from Brain Injured they don't. He can come over as being 100% (normal) when talking to Dr etc. but that does not last long. I asked that someone comes to my house and see and hear exactly what he is like on a daily basis but hey they cant do that!

    I'm afraid after 8 years of battling I give up...

  • That is awful can you apeal it? X

  • Alice, when you get your breath back, if you haven't already, do try these people. They have a great reputation for supporting claimants through appeals. Maybe take some time out this weekend then contact them on Monday ?

    Good luck m'love ! xx

  • How utterley disgusting that this government is impoverishing so many people with BI's. It's obvious the continuous headaches, cognitive problems, inability to cope with stress etc. severely compromise us in getting a job and then the struggle to keep that job. It's absolutely disgusting that they deliberately omit one's ongoing symptoms, yet another ploy of validating their reasons to deny any just financial support!

  • Bloody disgusting.

    I haven't bothered trying even to claim for this reason.

    Maybe if you have an ingrowing toenail you would get it.

    Fight don't take no for an answer.

    As others have said, take stock over the weekend and challenge the decision

  • I went through the hospital citizens advice and got them to appeal it as the same happened to my husband as they told me a BI something u can see fight it I'm still appealing and won't stop till they sort it good luck xxx

  • I fought and fought and fought went to Local MP Social Work Welfare Appeals and faced Panels... their answer.. although we sympathies your husband does not meet criteria. Welfare Officer was not happy at decision and appealed it but nope nothing added to get him to points to qualify. Makes my blood boil.

    I can reapply now but the stress too much for my husband. Its a disgrace. As my daughter says if drug addict or alcoholic you get an allowance!! My husband worked many years saving lives bring life into the world etc. etc. and gets kicked in the teeth. Wants to be back doing what he loved doing tried going private lost job after job not through malpractice but saying things to offend not patients but colleagues. Big issue with him, cant control what comes out of his mouth. Such a shame as his medical knowledge is amazing!

    When is the criteria going to change and serious head injuries/bleeds etc with devastating life changing effects brought in to account. Makes me so sad, struggled for nearlly 10 years now with not an ounce of help from Government.

    Sorry long winded but annoys me how so many people affected by this...

  • Last year had to go via CAB to register tribunal my headway support person came with me I said my little bit they needed me to confirm my headway person gave info before hand she said her bit they had decided before we went in the were on my side the pip person disagreed there was anything wrong with me they did not know about brain injury also have problems walking sometimes but I do part time work so could not get my 8 points for walking but got full daily and orther part which has helped me a lot now even got mobility car which pip pay for for top marks

    Get someone with knowledge of your problems to come with you even put them on your form you can request someone to come in with you with tribuneral just say on your bad day not good day if you know what I am on about

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