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Is it "normal that I feel so crummy "

Hi - a year ago I was in a rollover car accident and as a result, I had brain swelling and bleeding and a brain stem stroke that affected my right side. I was unconscious for a month in the hospital and I was in a rehab facility for 2 months I had a crainioplasty last December to reinsert the skull piece that was removed and went home. That makes 3 times my skull was opened up. On top of it, I have diabetes and may have nerve issues in my right leg that causes it to be stiff, sluggish, and painful. Taking lots of meds, but other than making me drowsy, they don't seem to be doing much.

Since the crainioplasty, I feel pretty dragged out. It hurts to walk, I feel spacy, my right hand feels thick and stiff, my emotions are all over the place, and sometimes I feel almost Nauseous. I have had MRI'S and CATSCANS of my skull and spine and all seems to be OK.

Does this sound right?

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Absolutely Ecojackie, and welcome.

They don't tell you the long standing issues you will have, they are so pleased that you have survived and can now leave hospital. I find it shameful that the lasting effects are not explained. We are left to our own devices to discover for ourselves the life changing effects we will endure.

But to be fair they don't know how well each individual will recover. We all do it at our own rate and to a lesser or greater degree, depending on how severe or just where in our brain the trauma occurs.

Personally I am 5+ years into recovery. I have learnt my limitations, I know to rest when I have a bad day and the days I can do more.

I hope you have the support of a good GP. Mine is great, the practice admitted that I am the only one on their books with the issues I have and consequently are learning along with me.

Take care on your journey, be kind to yourself, you have survived a very challenging illness. Come back as often as you need to we are a friendly bunch.

Headway is a fantastic organisation if you have one near you, try and avail yourself. I have 2, but have not ventured to either as yet, they are both 2 buses away and I can no longer drive. Maybe soon who knows.

Janet x


Thank you.


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