Hi everyone, just wanted to have a moan, been docs and hoped to go back to work, but blood pressure is higher now than before my stroke. I'm quite worried about starting melds as last time I had them I collapsed as they lowered my blood pressure too much and I collapsed. I normally take my meds at ten, it's now ten past and worried about taking it, i know I've got to take it but worried.oh well can't put it off any longer, off to bed safest place I think night night xx

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  • Take care xx

  • Thanks angel, I've survived without collapsing lol, did need loo in the night but was scared to get out of bed, managed to put off till this morning. Hope your doing ok take care too.

  • I've had BP issues for many years (sky high when I had the haemorrhage) and it's been difficult to control at times. So I sympathise with your anxiety about the meds.

    I assume you've taken them now and gone to bed, but just wanted to say stick with what your doctor has prescribed and keep an eye on any light headedness, palpitations or nausea.

    You must address the high blood pressure, so unfortunately this is the lesser of two evils ! Hope it settles for you Ali ; it can take a week or so to regulate.

    Good luck m'dear. xx

  • Morning Kat, I've normally got good blood pressure, hence the collapse when I've took medication. Yes I know the importance of keeping bp down so will follow docs orders, just apprehensive after bad experience. Head just feels fuzzy and had double vision earlier, but will persevere, thanks for your concern, your a star xx

  • It's a genetic thing with us ; I've a large (mainly female) family, and my mum, all my aunts & cousins have meds for high BP ! Thankfully my daughter seems to have dodged it.

    Hope you'll tolerate the med this time Ali ; I'd be interested to hear how you're getting on in a week or two. xx

  • My family on my mothers side, the used to get killed off in their 50s due to high blood pressure.

    Thus far (I'm 41) my BP is fine mildly low i.e. 109-53 to 123-54 my mum has had to take medication for hers for years if not decades now.

  • Hey Alibongo,

    My doctors were reluctant to start me on blood pressure meds. A hospital admission resulted in me being commenced on a small dose of an ACE inhibitor,it took about 6 weeks to sort my gp out...now my bp is ok, I've had the dose increased slowly and so far I'm feeling the benefits of it in terms of my headache being a bit better and I feel more relaxed. There are different ways they can approach blood pressure management and it really is very much an individual thing as to which medications will work for you. It might be worth going back to your doctor and having a chat to them?

  • Hi silmarillion, yes I've got to go back docs two weeks for kidney function bloods and two weeks after to see doc when she's going to increase so fingers crossed. Thanks for the support xx

  • ali im on ramapril frusamide and co amifruse my bp is down to 127/83 donot let the gp prescribe you beta blockers, your bp will noise dive.

  • Interesting you say that Steve - my BP is always low -90/60 is 'normal' for me, but my GP was happy to give me betablockers as a preventative treatment for migraine. I had fewer hesdaches but more instances of vertigo...stopped taking them a while back so headaches back but jelly legs gone! I will have to pester for a different preventative!

  • malatete my head was spinning i could walk or get up off the bed. my wife called an ambulance who said i had the bp of an elite athlete instead of the tub of lard i was at the time, thats how much my bp had plummeted!!!! i was taken in, put on a drip, hour to an hour and a half i felt great. look thats me, might be different for you though mate,

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