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Hello I am new here

I am 46 and tend to be a very active person. I love camping, fishing, gardening, horseback riding, reading, building things, and love animals like my 6 dogs, 6 cats, and my chickens

I have fairly new limitations I am still not used to, due to falling on ice in January causing a TBI. I love outdoors, but found I have like regressed about month ago, I believe from trying to do my normal things. I never needed 'naps' until this I get overwhelming fatigue . Sunlight can be very hard to handle. I have to keep blinds closed. Working in my garden I have to do small amounts Of time, or I just like quit functioning. The memory issues, thinking things out, reading, trying to get a word I want to come out my mouth, can be frustrating.

I found this site, wondering if others have experienced this.

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Welcome ice thumper :) you've come to the right place - people here will understand the symptoms you describe. It seems almost common that some months post TBI people notice that you have some of your usual abilities back, you 'Look' ok, so high five - that's you all better then :( that's tough to manage on top of everything else.....lots of us have been there. It's also difficult getting used to the new you and what you're able to manage or not manage now. Things are different and it takes some getting used to to. I think you'll find a lot of common ground here which will provide reassurance hopefully. Wishing you luck on your road to recovery


Welcome IceThumper ! This all sounds so familiar. I can remember feeling determined to prove to others (but mostly to myself) that I'd be UN -affected by my BI, and I managed to 'run on adrenalin' for a while.

So when the fatigue, headaches, irritability etc., etc. kicked in it was depressing for a while.............until I purposely took several steps back and acknowledged the new limitations my brain had imposed and started adapting to its new rules.

Life's different now. But I've done grieving for the old life, and accepted that this one is still pretty precious !

Give it some more time m'dear, and you'll find your way through/round/over your issues to reach a new equilibrium. Hope you get there before too long.

All good wishes, Cat x


Welcome IceThumper

What you have just described sounds normal (if you can use the term normal in our cases).

I spent a year pushing away the fatigue, ignoring the signs, pretending all was as it was before but then I crashed.

Concentration is still hard, sunlight and bright lights are irritating, short term memory is affected, writing words is difficult at times. I'm totally with you on this.

Best advice:-

If you feel tired then sleep.

If you feel active then be active.

If you feel down then tell the people around you that you're feeling down.

If something doesn't work in your mind then try and relieve the frustration and not beat yourself up.

Do the things that you love doing.

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