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im sorry my friends im back in a response by fellow member

see I thought its me getting worse . but a member turned the light on he said he sometimes dosnt no how to reply to a post or what to say . god that's me I understand now . I want to respond and reply to everyone s post from my heart. and I struggle or don't no what to say

and I feel so sorry I cant reply like im letting other people down all members I care more about use than me part of my bi and I want to talk to everyone but cant I go tired dead quick

I think its ill read a member or new member post then start . like god I need to try to help give advice and I cant and it makes me so sad that I don't no what to say .and I want to help everyone but I cant . CATyou no all my other degenerate diseases love

so its just the same for other members I feel ok now I can only do as much as I can to all posts. so even now if I try to help 1 post then I no that all my family that's what use are to me then its ok I always put others before me . and I think like I said I want to help all my family and new members but now I no that everyone is the same so I don't feel so sad when I cant answer everyone just as fellow member said sometimes a post is so heart breaking well me I look and say to myself god I don't no what to say and I get so sad that I cant help them I understand now . you can only if you can . there's nothing like

helping others and when I do and get a reply thanking me it means so much to me .

kind words mean so much to us . and use all have me if I can help you . with any advice

ill speak the truth and from my heart but also very safely I wouldn't want to upset anyone

just kind words and only true advice . we all need each other and can only do are best for fellow sufferers love and thoughts for everyone eddie

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Well said Eddie. Kind words can be very healing. Take care m'love. Cat xx

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sending hugs - all I can do really x

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