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Marwell zoo

On Saturday, I and some other folk from my Headway went to Marwell zoo. It was a brilliant day. I went on my own, no parents were with me, so it helped me build a little confidence and independence for me :).

My favourite animals are the big cats and I got a great picture of a leopard sleeping :).

As some people know, I am an artist and I am in the middle of drawing this picture. When it is done I am going to get it printed onto a greeting card and give it to the lady who organised the event as a big thank you from me :).

This lady did a headshave for our Headway to raise money and the money went toward paying for us to go to Marwell, I think what was leftover went into Headway's funds.

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What a lovely story !

I've never heard of Marwell zoo, but it's so encouraging seeing so many tv programmes about the conservation work many zoos are involved in.

Look forward to seeing the finished article when you've had the drawing printed.............such a thoughtful gesture Matt. xx


Thanks :).

The lady who did the Headshave for Headway's husband has a brain injury and I saw him earlier today and he wanted me to sign a thank you card for his wife and friend who helped raise the money. I did sign the card but also told him that I am doing a drawing that I shall get printed onto card and send to her. I hope the husband doesn't let his wife know I am doing this though. I forgot to tell him it is a secret :).

Marwell zoo is on the way to Southampton.

I have heard of another zoo in the south called Longleit and apparently you can drive through some of the exhibits so it makes you feel as if you are on safari. But I have been warned that if I go, don't go down the monkey exhibits as the monkeys will strip everything and anything from the car :).

I shall post the picture when done :). Not far to go now. I was just adding a bit to the drawing before I messaged. I don't know how long I was, probably an hour or so. My eyes feel a little tired now :).

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I like big cats too last month our lical headway went to bristol zoo i didn't attend as i been the year previous with them and was in belfast as ive been to Paignton zoo and dartmoor zoo in south devon and noahs ark in cleavdon and never got round to long leat my ex loved going to zoos but i feel once you have to one they are all the same dartmore (i think) zoo had lots of big cats


Oooh, I would have loved it at Dartmoor zoo by the sounds of it.

When I found the leopard, it was lying down (as you can see).

When I found the cheetah, it was lying down.

When I found the tiger, fuess what?... it was lying down.

Just after that I had some lunch then wandered off for a bit more sight seeing and decided to go back to the tigers as they are my fave big cats and I am glad I did too because I actually found there were 4 in the exhibit and when I saw them they were more active and playing around and grooming each other and so on.

I've been to Marwell before and I think they have a Siberian tiger as well, I didn't have time to check this year.

They don't have any lions though I don't think :(.

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When we went to bristol zoo I was disappointed to see that the Asiatic lions Weren't out.

Have you heard of secret life at the zoo on channel 4



Lovely to read you had a great day out Matt! Can't wait to see your drawing! xx

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It shouldn't be too long now :).

Some people who went were asking me how I did with getting around because whenever I walk outside, I can get quite hot.

I have bad balance and what people on the outside do not realise (especially the likes of the DWP) I put a lot more concentration in trying to keep my balance and the pathway at Marwell is up and down too which makes it worse.

I'm sure you can relate to what I am saying.

I was telling this to a friend at my Headway and she was agreeing with me and even when I was talking to her I was a bit hot.

Reason why is because I am a service user mentor/volunteer on Friday mornings and I make the drinks for the rest of the group. I memorise the drink orders for the rest of the group and that can be around 10-20 people!

It can be quite hot work to get the cogs whirring :).


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