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High Omega 3 Intake

I have had post concussion syndrome for 15 months and heard about the Omega 3 Protocol yesterday. I'm not normally one for alternative treatments but I'm getting fed up of the chronic fatigue and pain. Omega 3 capsules are cheap so I figure it's worth a go.

My worry though is that for the first week the intake is 9g per day. It seems that the maximum recommendation is 3g per day.

Has anyone come across this "cure" or any evidence that it works?

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Depends on what for really? Seems to be some evidence that it can help some things, but like most silver bullets/magic drugs cures less so.

But equally it can't harm you with normal amounts, and is in fish which personally I love!


What has been proven to succeed for many Head injury sufferers is common sense.

By this is that you need to create the best environment for your body to try and "repair". By this you need to rest, remove as much stress as you can. Improve your diet by increasing the good things (fruit, nuts, protein etc..) and removing the bad things (Cigarettes, alcohol, processed foods etc.)

Alongside this you can give your body a boost. This is where the Omega and other multivitamins come in. All they do is provide your body with extra fuel to aid a "repair" process. Good things are good quality multi vitamins, Omega 3 and then things like Turmeric (curcumin) which can help as well.

I put "repair" as it is because one damaged the brain, doesn't repair damaged cells, it re-routes around them and quite often you will find you will need to fix other associated things like vision and hearing as well


Eating a diet rich with fish and good oils can help. Have a look at Tina M Sullivan, Nourish your Noggin which is the recipe book accompanying Dr Diane's dietary advice for post concussion syndrome. Tina is a nutritionist and her son was treat by Dr Diane. See drdiane.com She advises use of tumeric and other anti-inflammatory herbs, cumin, black pepper, eating avocado, fish and using coconut oil for cooking.

Good luck


Omega fish oils are unlikely to resolve your headaches or fatigue.


Hi Lizum,

I wouldn't call Omega 3 a "Cure" as such but I do think that Omega 3 helps with brain injury and many other natural/alternative treatments as well.

When I was doing a cognitive course with my Headway, a friend was told that Omega 3 is good for our brains and he was annoyed that these so called "professionals" do not tell you about things like Omega 3. Some would say to that "That's because Omega 3 doesn't do anything" but that is where I think they would be very wrong.

These so called "Professionals" do not tell you about natural treatments because they don't want to tell people to know about them. They are in it for the money and the money only. If a doctor tells you to go treat a wound/virus/disease naturally, then the pharmaceutical industry would be out of pocket. Look into Big Pharma if you disagree.

Even the term "Alternative treatments" is wrong. It should be the primary treatment. Nature was here before man-made medicine. You don't see a packet of Ibuprofen spring from a tree do you?

I used to suffer with fatigue but I have bettered that by regularly adding hemp seeds to my smoothies which contains omega 3 and I also use essential oils. Frankincense essential oil is especially good for the brain.

People can either believe what I have said and help with their recovery or they could not believe and sit there getting worse... it's there choice but I for one am not going to follow the herd.


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