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Here is a video explaining what this is all about:


Dr. David Traster

“Eye Movements: The Unsung Hero of the Diagnosis and Treatment of PostConcussive


Richard Frieder

“Strengthening Cognitive Skills after a TBI”

Dr. Michael Lewis

“When Brains Collide:What every athlete and parent should know about the prevention

and treatment of concussions and brain injuries”

Jamie & Braden Benz

“Journey to Recovery: An Athlete’s Story of a Soccer-Related Concussion”

Jennifer Tavernier

“A ‘Ninja Warrior’ Athlete’s Journey Back to Competition After Concussion”


Sachin Patel

“The Doctor of the Future”

Dr. Nathan Keiser

“Dysautonomia: The Brain-Heart Connection in Traumatic Brain Injury”

Judy Chase

“A Mother’s Journey of Finding Hope for Her Elite Snowboarder Son’s Traumatic Brain


Dr. Deborah Zelinsky

“The Overlooked Linkage Between Eyes and Ears in Recovering From Brain Injury”


Dr. Jill Schultz

“Visual Manifestations of Brain Injury: The Missing Link of Rehabilitation”

Dr. Allie Wagener

“Sport Psychology: Helping athletes return to play”

Cristabelle Braden

“Hope Survives – Survivor Story & Finding Hope”

Dr. David George

“A New Approach to Physical Rehabilitation for Chronic Pain: Harnessing the Nervous

System for Relief”


Cavin Balaster

“Nutrition for Optimal Brain Function and Repair”

Kyla Pearce

“The benefits of yoga and meditation for TBI”

Doug Schmidt

“Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries resulting from Car Accidents”

Dr. Sam Yanuck

“Protecting Your Brain After TBI – Quieting Microglial Attack”


Dr. Mike T. Nelson

“How and Why You Should Use Heart Rate Variability To Monitor Stress For Brain


David A. Grant

“TBI- An Insider’s Perspective”

Dan Sexton

“Contact sports related head injuries and recovery: A Pro Hockey Player’s Story”

Dr. Ryan Cedermark

“Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury on the Gut-Brain Axis”


Dr. Jeremy Schmoe

Amy Zellmer

Complete Speaker profiles:


2 Replies

  • This looks really interesting I'll be watching quite a few of these, thank you for the heads up. I'm a great believer in a lot of these topics being covered, particularly the eye/ brain connection. I found my vision therapy so helpful, connecting it all back together and helping my balance.

    Thanks again


  • I listened to the Dr Michael Lewis talk where he described his omega 3 protocol last night and went out and bought 500 fish oil capsules today (H&B half price sale)!

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