De ja vue?

Hi everyone

Just after alittle bit of reassurance. Tuesday or was it Wednesday - I forget which day ( nothing new there) I had a 2 - 3 minute relapse which scared me quite a bit. I work in an office for a charity (which I love) for three days a week. I was talking to a colleague regarding work on the phone when I went into lala land. My sentences became fragmented, I couldn't remember the previous word I had spoken and my thoughts went into fragmentation. I knew something was wrong and kept trying but could make no sense of what I was saying and just wasn't able to string any sentences together which made any sense. My friend and colleague who I was speaking with was very good with me and stayed on the phone with me until I returned to normal. The day was very hot and foolishly in my eagerness to get through my work i had not opened the window and not eaten lunch (it was 2pm) and had generally worked like a trojan all day. The concern for me is that I am a lone worker.

Of course I have since been to the doctors. She did the usual tests blood pressure temperature etc and has said that I appear to be fine. She however advised that should this happen again to seek immediate medical helpand if necessary to call the ambulance service.

I have thought about all of this and have come to an idea of what may have gone wrong for me. It may well have been a contributory factor that it was so hot. Definatley not a good idea to not eat all day and I need to think about how I pace myself at work. On reflection I was trying to do 2 days work in 1 - not doing that again - sorry employer. Was I posssibly de-hydrated? Has any one got any ideas?

Please please do not suggest that I shouldn't be working as this is not a possibility for me for so many reasons not least for my own personal sense of well-being. Obviously it did cross my mind that was I having another episode of encephalitis as the event was very similar to my condition when I was ill , although it was a very short time frame and went away within minutes. 4 days on and I feel fine. Has any one experienced anything like this?

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  • Quite a few variables here Clare ! The lack of food, heat, doing too much, possible dehydration ; all or any could have contributed to your vacant episode.

    But the first thing which came to my mind was an 'absence seizure'. I've copied an excerpt from 'The Epilepsy Foundation' site which might help you decide whether it rings a bell or whether it simply doesn't apply.


    .Absence seizures cause lapses in awareness, sometimes with staring.

    .They are a type of generalized onset seizures, meaning they begin in both sides of the brain at the same time.

    .An older term is petit mal seizures.

    .They begin and end abruptly, lasting only a few seconds.

    .Absence seizures can be so brief they sometimes are mistaken for daydreaming and may not be detected for months.


    If this was an isolated episode and your GP has found no cause for concern then all well & good. But if it happens again it might be worth having the appropriate tests for Epilepsy. My neice has the absence seizures occasionally and, in 4 years, they haven't escalated in severity or frequency.

    I think it would be wise to start taking better care of yourself in any case m'dear ; take a sandwich and large bottle of water to work with you at least ! :o

    Love Cat x

  • Thanks Cat. Yes i willkeep an eye on this and lookinto Epilepsy if I have a repeat event.

    I guess I am not twenty anymore and can't keep that same pace - never mind being silly and not taking basic care of myself. Not to mention all the medical stuff.

    Thanks foryour support Cat - this is why I so love this site - lovely people who understand. Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunny weather especially as it has now cooled down a bit- much better - me not a sun worshipper.

    Clare x

  • I empathise more than you could ever know ! Even when I feel ill with fatigue I carry on in more of a frenzy................maybe we could be psychoanalysed as having 'issues' but when we're hard-wired this way I'm not so sure it's fixable.

    They say it takes one to know one............

    But please do try to look after yourself a bit more Clare ! (& I'll try to as well).

    Love Cat x

  • Hi, this is a daily occurrence for me if I don't eat regularly or keep hydrated. Your brain needs nourishment, I have to eat breakfast now or cannot function at all whereas I regularly skipped that meal when busy.

    You will be fine it was probably a dip in your blood sugar levels. I need a protein breakfast to kick start the day.

    Take care


  • Thanks Janet - having been a no breakfast person allof my adult life I donow see the need to eat in the morning. As I don't do breakfast can you offer me any quick and easy suggestions?

    It is not that I am lazy it is just that i do realise how important this is,but beleive me it willbe a challenge forme to introduce this necessity into my life. Any tips would be most welcome.

    Thank you

    Clare x

  • Hi again I tend to have 2 eggs scrambled or in an omelette, a bit boring but quick and satisfies the protein need. If I'm sick of that I'll have beans and egg on crumpet, now that I really enjoy, or a quick bowl of cornflakes x

  • Thank you for getting back to me- the crumpet idea sounds really good. I just happen to have crumpets in the house so I am off to try it. Have a good day.


  • OK Cat if you will I will!!!!!

    Clare x

  • Deal ! .............. (Mmm perhaps ?) :o xx

  • Yes, pretty much every time I over do it, don't eat when I should, not drinking enough water, and trying to do too much in too short of a time or working too long in one day. Kind of like you described you were doing or not doing. I think just pacing yourself better and taking better care to pace yourself better, drink water often and definitely eat. I know how it is to lose track of all this stuff as I do the same thing at times. I find once I reach that point it is time for me to stop for that day, take care of myself and look to start again maybe the next day or maybe the day after. Best of luck to you.

  • Thank you sca2013. Although I forget stuff all the time I guess Ineed totry and not forget me!! Hopefully this little scare has been a lesson learned for me.


  • Hi, this sort of thing happened to me last week Monday and Wednesday. I called it brain freeze, we have been so busy and manic in rushing around sorting other people's problems out that when I returned home I could not function. I tried to send a email and could not work out how to do it and eventually upset with myself I had to tell my husband I needed to rest. After about 1hour I began to feel much better but had a repeat on the Wednesday just the same sort of thing. My fault as I need to learn to take life slower and remember to rest, eat, and drink. So try to space yourself. But thank you as It was so good to read your comments and see the replies knowing I was not the only one who as I called it had a brain freeze day/couple of days. Many Many Thanks Liz xx

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