Nice Sunny Day!

Greetings from an extremely sunny and warm Manchester!

I've not been on for a while so I thought I would drop by, say hello and check every one is behaving themselves! 😆

So I'm slowly progressing but, unfortunately, I'm still waiting for the community care to start. It's been 10 weeks since I left hospital and after the fantastic care I received in hospital it's disappointing to see the alternative side to the NHS. Still I'm trying to keep positive it just gets harder with each week that passes by.

Well I hope everyone else is doing ok and that you'll all be able to make the most of the great weekend that is forecast.


3 Replies

  • Give the depatment a ring to remind them,or ask your gp.And cos your in manchester.#standtogether! #welove manchester

  • Thank you. We're definitely on their case and trying to speak to as many people as possible.

  • They're so overstretched right now, and funding continues to dwindle. Hope you'll get word soon though Neil.

    I'm near Manchester (Sale) but my local news has just forecast rain...................hope they're wrong ! It's been glorious the last few days.

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