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Finally moving on

ALmost 5 years after my head injury. Been stuck with nothing to do and hardly anyone to see or talk to. Moved to different area with my mum thought there would be more here to do or something til now nothing. My mums mate saw somewhere about a bloke nearby who had head injury from a man attacking him in a bar and since then he's set up a group for people who been through head injury and they have one to Ines with people to help them move on and group sessions talking to others to get to know people. Also they have some days out and activities. I started going 2 week back really giving me something to do and helping me get to know people. Only met the bloke who set it up for first time yesterday and he was lovely so welcoming and easy to talk to. He has done so much for charity to help people with brain injury and done a blog of first 3 years after. To read what he went through and read how he's struggled through would give anyone hope of recovering and moving on. As soon as I went in he came and sat talking to me it's nice to talk to others who been through same as people who haven't been through having head injury don't know what it's like. For me my mum has gone over protective of me like she can't go through it again so is controlling and a woman who works there whose brother had head injury says her mum and brother are a lot like me and my mum. So with their help I am following tasks to show I can cope and then the bloke will have a word with my mum and I've been told he is straight to point and blunt with what he says which I'm glad about cos he understands what it's like.

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Wow--so happy to hear about PWBI ( people with brain injuries- just made that up) helping each other. I know about overprotective mothers because I am one. And we act like we're going to be around forever, but that's not true.

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Good for you -Keeley. As survivors of brain injury so much is left to the individual in terms of carrying on and this can be difficult. We all know we are not the same person prior to our injury and each one of us has our own personal struggles to live our lives with some sort of satisfaction. I see peoplelike youand me as akind of family - because we are unique. Unless you have been there I realy beleive that "outsiders" cannot understand.

Carry on with your postive approach - it does help and work.


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It's actually interesting to see and hear what different people go through. Example the bloke who set the group up I would say had it worse than me in a way as his mind was far more effected than mine he didn't remember any of his past tho I think he has overcome that now or can overcome it with effort, he needed speech therapy and some of things he didn't know or remember are basic things you assume everyone would know yet he just gets on with it and laughs it off. For me it was more physical needing to learn to walk again. Yes my mind was effected but not anything to bother me it was more like just do a few puzzles and stuff to get used to thinking like I should again. I also had to relearn to write again well to some extent as I'm left handed and my left side was most effected.


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