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I'm new here

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On the 18th August 2016 I sustained a concussion and have been struggling with symptoms since. The main one feeling like I'm on a boat constantly. Am feeling a little lost and sad.

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Welcome.do ring the Headway helpline (numberat top of page)

Thank you. I spoke with them yesterday and they gave me the details for here. The lady I spoke with recommended I go back to my doctors and look at neuro physiotherapy. Karen

I'm going to be direct Karen! have you gone back to the GP and further to nero rehab even if its balance distorters which your boat is, which in all probability is vertigo.

In terms of help I have found going to my local Headway's groups which for my self finding others like me very helpful.

Hi Roger thank you for replying. I saw an ENT specialist in November who diagnosed a vestibular upset and I was referred to vestibular rehabilitation therapy which I have been doing since. I am not sure on how quickly this should work and I have improved but this rocking just won't go away. I had it twice after taking a flight and a long train journey but they both cleared up with 1-2 months. I will talk with my physio tomorrow when I next see her about looking at neuro. Thanks for the advice. Karen

I did have the dizzy for quite a few months after mine, though I never really saw anyone about it, it still does though fairly mild. My Balance or rather my vestibular system is foobar so at the time I was more concerned by that, as as a lucky silver lining though the world can spin around I don't get nauseous, so no seasickness I'm free to read on buses/trains/boats even if its spinning.

Post Concussion symptoms can linger for many months Karen. There are treatments available for balance problems so please see your GP and ask either for their help or a referral to a specialist.

And as others suggest, phone the Headway helpline too. The number is 0808 800 2244 (office hours & free call). I hope you'll feel welcome here, so a little less lost and sad. We're always here Karen. Love Cat x

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Thank you Cat. I have my good days and bad days. Last week I was feeling OK I then had a set back I think I must have been overdoing things. I was seen by an ENT specialist who referred me for vestibular rehabilitation therapy which I have been doing since November. I am definitely better than then but this rocking just won't go. I spoke with headway yesterday and they advised I should go back to my doctors to look at neuro. So taking on board comments here as well I will go back. Thanks again Cat x

Hi, im also called Karen, i have a similar problem with vertigo and vestibular disorder. I was absolutly desperate as my world feels like a ride on the worst roller coaster you can imagine. There is a herbal product call;ed Divertigo, you dab just behind both ears i got some from the USA via Ebay, its about £10, it works but i got a bad allergic rash to it. That said, i still use it, rash or not, on the worst occasions, speaking as someone who hasnt been able to get in a moving vehicle, sit on a toilet seat or get across a room or open space much of the time. check it out on toutube, it may not work for everybody or be suitable for everybody, but work it most defianatly did within about 15 minuites of application. Its not a cure, but a definate aid, but i was able to walk into and across a room with people in it and pass the time with them instead of standing outside the room and clinging to the banister or door frame for dear life. One thing you will find on this site is that you are not alone and many here suffer similar symptoms or different degrees of them, id also say you have to make your world spin or turn at your coping pace, not other peoples, one lady here once described her world as living in a snow globe, constantly trying to balence when the snow settled and every time someone moved by her to quick or came from the wrong angle, loud noises etc , it was like someone shaking that globe and sending her into vestibular panic, that about summed it up for me. I really hope there is something that can be done to help you medically, i had all the tests, pills and ear drops etc, but nothing worked for me, kind regards, karen

Hi Karen thanks for writing. I will definitely look into your recommendation. I am sorry to hear nothing has really worked for you, I hope you find something in the future. Vertigo is a horrible feeling and it's very draining. It helps talking with people who are going through something similar.

All the best


dizzykaren you dont say how you sustained your concussion and which part of the head.

is your dizzyness a spinninig sensation which happens out of the blue or is your dizzy spell due to the sudden movement of your head?

even so, the fact that you were suffering from concussion im surprised you werent referred for a mri scan.

sorry welcome to the group,


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Hi Steve I sustained my concussion at work when a large blind came out of its fittings and landed on the top of my head. I had a CT scan which was clear. Was sent to an ENT specialist who checked my hearing, balance etc.. the rocking sensation is always there, it's like I'm on a boat constantly, sometimes it's a very rough sea and sometimes it's a lake with a gentle breeze. Head movements don't seem to provoke it I have it even when I'm still.


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karen i take it you filled in the accident book at work. i think you need to ask to be referred to a neurologist ( please dont delete this headway ), so you can show and explain to him/ her how and where you were hit by the blind.

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Hi Steve yes it was all reported, and it went through a whole safety assessment, and all blinds were then checked for loose fittings. I think I will be going back to my doctors as I haven't improved with the vestibular rehabilitation as much as I would have liked (although appreciate these things can take time but even the physio was surprised)


Give diet a try with Tina M Sullivan, Nourish Your Noggin and the recipes are lovely!

Good luck and hope you feel better soon

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Dizzykaren in reply to jayne_h

Thank you Tina

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steve55 in reply to jayne_h

jane h before that she needs a proper diagnosis of whats going on inside her head, like a mri scan!!!

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