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A simple trip

Hi - new to this !

I am 59 and suffer with depression so am already an emotional person (result of bereavement of 2 very close people).

Two weeks ago I tripped on the pavement and knocked myself unconscious ! Fortunately passing drivers stopped to help me ! Following Paramedics and ambulance assistance ended up in A and E! Later discharged !

Battered my face - steri strips - arms and ribs bruised !

I have no memory from leaving my house ! But mentally I am stuck ! All I keep replaying is the paramedics voice in the ambulance ! I want to fill in the gaps and speak to the paramedic ! Is it because I hate being out of control and because I do not know what happened I need him to tell me !

I am having head aches, am tired and feel overwhelmed - time is passing from the incident but I am still there !

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Connie, this is something most of us experience after any type of brain injury. I've no recollection of the weeks following my collapse with a brain haemorrhage, and had to learn from my family what took place during that time.

The idea that that period of my life was lost to me forever tormented me for ages afterwards, 'til I finally realised that no amount of searching could replace it, and it was time to let it go and concentrate on the here and now.

Dwelling on that loss of control can become an obsession...........'til we accept that our brain's inability to function during its damaged state is not only inevitable, but fortunate, in protecting us from the mental trauma of knowing and feeling the effects of our misfortune whether that be sudden illness, or accident.

I hope you'll be able to let go too Connie, eventually. It'll take time, and your accident was very recent m'dear. Keep talking to us ; that's the best therapy I've found. All best wishes, Cat x


I meant to ask Connie, are you getting help with your depression ? I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your loved ones. xx


Yes am ante depressants ! Sadly went to GP yesterday and explained my fixations and my horrific headaches - she told me - have to look to the future and get over it !!

A.ways liked this Gp - devastated me !!!


I had the same treatment from my GP Connie. GPs have zero understanding of brain injury issues and it's so demoralising when you're turned away and made to feel a nuisance...............especially when it's a breach of years of trust.

I decided to make the change a couple of years ago and only wish I'd done it straight away, after my illness. My new GP admits she's not too hot on brain health, but she doesn't hesitate to refer me to someone who is, and is always eager to do everything she can to help where she can.

I suggest you find a more understanding doctor m'dear ; life's hard enough without second rate treatment. Have you ever contacted the Headway helpline by the way ? The number is 0808 800 2244 (free call - office hours). They've helped so many people who've been feeling let down.

And remember, we're always here if you need support, or just company ! xx


Thank you


Sorry to hear this. Do try Tina M Sullivan Nourish Your Noggin and see if a brain food PCS cook book can help you out. I have seen improvements with it.

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