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Migraine and panic attacks

On Tuesday I turned 32. It was a great day; filled with calls, messages, flowers, gifts. In addition my husband got a call from council that they gave him a flat and he can see it, on my birthday. There were so many things happening that day. The following day I got a migraine. It lasted 30 hours and I finally called paramedics because I was not able to cope with that pain anymore. They gave me three injections (apparently set for migraine: ketonal, cortizonum and metafadron). The pain was slowly going away but left me scared, panicking and shivering.

It was 4 days ago now and Im still feeling extremely weak and having strange sensations along my arms and legs (like alongside the nerve). You have to excuse my writing today, I cannot think straight. I feel so tired and actually cheated. I was kind of ok, and now Im back to how I was 6 months ago. Not even! I remembered feeling like this right after surgery; I was not in pain but I felt every inch of my body. My head is heavy and full and Im so scared I will never feel good again. Im worried to make a bad move, because the migraine could be back. Paramedics said to call them again and not to wait for 30 hours if any major numbness or speech problems appear. There is nothing like that. Im just dizzy, tired, exhausted. I was wondering that maybe it is my body recovering after such a long time being in pain, or maybe these are the injections effects? I dont know. I had migraines before my SAH, but after it was gone I was feeling ok. Now, Im close to panicking. Last two nights, I was shacking and my heart was beatng crazy. I was remembering that pain when my hemorrhage broke.

Maybe it was too much for one day? Would it get better? The doctors are taking good care of me, on one side I would like to meet my neurologist, but on the other hand Im repeating myself that Im fine. The truth is, I dont know that. Why Im feelind so tired, that it is difficult to walk, speak, or even keep a cup of tea?

I have not done it before, but this time I was feeling so bad that I asked my husband to come over. I was having this terrible thought I will die and never see him again. Am I becoming crazy?

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You're definitely not crazy - you're obviously very worried and rightly so. I think a lot of people worry about head pains - but it's natural to be more worried when you've suffered brain injury. I'm very lucky with my head pains & managing it, but I had one terrifying headache about six months ago which floored me. It made my partner cry (cos I think he thought that this was 'it'), and I was on my own for a few hours with it until he came home from work. I was in so much pain he wanted to call and ambulance and I wouldn't let him. This must sound awful but I just couldn't move and I didn't care what happened, I just wanted it to stop. It lasted overnight and subsided gradually and has never happened again. Be kind to yourself - if something really bad happens it's normal to be fearful of it happensing again. Maybe get it checked out though if you've had head pain accompanied by other symptoms like those - it seems like more than a headache if you're having numbness etc. You're definitely not crazy :) x


Thank you for your reply. I developed some issue with cervical spine, for this reason numbness seems to be normal if I stayed in bed for nearly 3 days practically not moving. The pain left me really exhausted, bone-tired and now I feel it is moving to the other side of my head. Im just scared. Scared and tired.


I completely understand - it's the not knowing. Once you know what's causing something you can start to deal with it. Not knowing what it is makes it even more tiring and exhausting . Sending u a big hug x


Morning Iwona,

Im sorry to her that the solution to your migrant has made you worse or feeling very ill. Just a question before they gave you the 3 drugs did the doctors know of your background? Im sure they did but just asking. 

If your worried about it at all call them or get to your GP if you can. My wife suffers horribly with anxiety and worry issues to the extent that it really pushes her with health issues. It must make it 100 times worse if your like us with a brain injury. Wishing you a pain free Monday Iwona. Nick XX

PS: Your definitely not crazy.


Hi, paramedics here in Poland always check all the abckground, meds your are taking, they ask million questions etc. They said i have neurological weight (BI) but my cervical spine which is confirmed to have an abnormality can give different kinds of feelings especially if Im not moving for days. Im not sure about anxiety, but you may be right. I have gone trhough trauma and my body is suffering still. My psychiatrist said different kinds of pains can appear and the root of them would be in my trauma. He gave me some meds for panic attacks, only when it happens but im scared to take them when im in pain because im not sure how it will combine with pain killers. My husband said he will come over and i hope to see him tomorrow but now i feel like the pain is going on the other side of my head. This is strange because i always get a migraine on left side (Sah side). I will definitely try to see my neurologist while my husband is here with me because on my own I hardly manage daily routines now. Im dreaming of taking nice hot shower, wash my hair but this seems to be beyond my ability now. Or maybe I just have to push myself more? Maybe Im not crazy, maybe Im becoming just weak person. You see all those thoughts are not helping. Yestreday I was watching a video with an orchestra on the street and I cried like a baby. I was never like this; now Im very "crying" with things Im touched; any video where dog is friend with a cat or music, like violin makes me cry. I think now that i should mention that to my neurologist. Thank you so much for staying supportive!

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Emotion is a very complicated item in the mind, believe me I'm learning about that one too. Take care and have a peaceful evening. Nick


Hun you're not crazy, extremely worried and anxious yes but not crazy. Anxiety can certainly feel like crazy but you're not. If I were you I would speak to your neurologist about the headaches/migraines. If it's worrying you call the emergency doctors. I get a lot of headaches now, some last for days, others are so painful I have to stay in bed, others keep me up at night. My neurologist asked me to keep a headache diary so he can see how often they are and try and figure out what is causing them (the BI, my meds, seizures etc) it could also help you to get a nice journal and write in it every day. Write how you are feeling, what you have done, whether you have had a headache or panic attack. I have lots of books I scribble in, none of it makes sense but writing or drawing what I was feeling really helped me. I do hope you feel better soon xx


Hi, headache diary is angood idea! Im not having them often now, most of the times im also not paying attention to little pains, but this migraine left me feeling like w wreck of human. Until i got all the responses here i was wondering whether i should see my neurologist, but now im sure, i need him to tell what i can or cannot take when headache strikes. Before i had really great med helping me wih the pain, but after the surgery some doctors said it increases blood pressure and i should not take it. I will check with my neuro guy. If everything is fine in my head as everyone is saying then little increase in blood pressure should not be a deal, right? 

Thank you so much for writing, it helps me to know im not on my own in that boat ( not sure this in proper english expression but im sure you understand)


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Hi Iwona.  Migraine can do strange things to your mind.  I had one for so long recently that I was convinced it was linked to my SAH and the pain was 'off the scale'. 

It turned out my blood pressure was high so my meds have been increased.  But I know what a strange & scary place this type of lasting pain can take you to.  I also have Cervical Spondulosis so I know it can strike anytime with no apparent trigger.

And of course, worrying makes it worse.....................

I hope it'll ease soon my dear and remember that the paramedics will be there for you if you need them.   Love Cat    xxx


I think you should see the neurologist just to put your mind at rest. They really do need to know about these things happening so they got them on record. Sounds like your letting your head talking over and over and putting you in a panic mode. If you do feel that panicky you need to go to hospital so they help you breath ect. You could do what everyone says that makes me want to punch them but lay in bath with some music on !!!!! I used to want to smack someone when they gave this advice. If are worried and your heart rate has speeded up and staying up go and get it seen too. You may just need some diazepam to bring you together a tad but do not sit there in silence xx


If you are not already taking a daily Vit B and Vit D, recommend researching vitamin deficiency connection to migraines. 

I will say this about my journey - (doctors do not yet have an understanding of the basic movement of herpes virus in body - why? - because there is no money in it and therefore no research is funded) - when the herpes virus entered my central nervous system, I had pain as you describe. 

Regardless of my thoughts, my wellbeing, my diet, my exercise, there appeared to be an interdependency between the movement of the herpes virus in my brain (give it lots of sugar and within a few hours it can travel up to 6 cm's in the nerve pathways) which caused the pain and an increased heart rate.  The higher the pain, the more adrenaline released, the faster the heart beat, the more tired I was, the more anaemic I became, the less sleep I got, the more inflammation I had, the less my digestive system worked, the more ill I became.

At one point, and similar to what you describe, I believe the herpes virus had entered the frontal lobe - emotional area - and was auto- stimulating emotions which had nothing to do with anything - nonsensical  - auto-stimulating my heart rate and producing panic attacks because my body was under attack from an unseen internal virus.  I treated with aromatherapy oils, hot baths ands sea air walks with panic attacks,  until I lost my sense of smell and taste - then I jumped onto ibuprofen anti-inflammatories and starting eating pineapple, taking quercetin and bromelain 3 times per day (facilitates anti-inflammation).  The more I decreased inflammation, the more my body could fight the virus.

Today after topping up on iron, Vit B, Vit D, iodine, the virus is dying a very slow but sure death.  It had been clever - it created lumps on and around my cervical spine and when I had low immune energy, one would break open creating an internal attack. Due to location, it would shoot straight to the trigeminal nerve in the face, and depending on severity - into the brain.  My vagus nerve also became infected.

Extending from many different regions on the inferior side of the brain, twelve pairs of cranial nerves provide direct connections between the brain and important structures of the head, neck, and trunk. The sensory organs of the head use the cranial nerves for signal transmission, including smell (olfactory nerve), vision (optic, oculomotor, abducens, and trochlear nerves), taste (facial and glossopharyngeal nerves) and hearing (vestibulocochlear nerve). The muscles of the head and neck are also controlled by various cranial nerves including the facial nerve (facial expression) and accessory nerve (head and neck movements). Wandering through the neck and torso, the vagus nerve communicates vital information from the brain to the heart and intestines.

Doctors assume if herpes is in the brain, you would be showing signs of encephalitis.  They are not aware .... yet... of an intermediary condition where herpes travels the normal nerve paths and through the body via the vagus nerve, to create inflammation (and headaches) affecting certain areas and leaving others functioning and untouched. 

There are some bright young graduate doctors who follow this vagus nerve theory and are doing basic type research.  Until pharmaceuticals can work out how to make a profit out of fixing this scenario, they wont invest.

I recommend Iodine.  Kills anything that shouldn't be there.  Virus hates Iodine.  Iodine and Vitamins have given me my health, my memory, my balance, my brain back.  I have also taken natural mushrooms - Reishi and cordyceps, Chinese skullcap (in small amounts, it reaches into areas of the body other medicine just can not reach) liquorice (which accentuates anything you are taking), Echinacea (antiviral, anti-inflam), Gingko Biloba (improved blood flow), pro-biotic (digestive flora) and Lysine 1000mg (up to 5 in one day on awful days) and of course magnesium (muscles).

I suggest the thoughts you are having are thoughts to be let go of and seen for what they are - your body is telling you it is not well and it wants some treatment.  Don't place too much importance on the fears, the worry, the panic.  DO act to correct the body's vitamin imbalances.  Vegetable juices - soups - not too much sugar - don't eat the really sweet fruits - you are just feeding the virus.  If you don't have a sweet tooth, ignore everything I have written.  The virus has learnt to ask for sugar and it takes all my will power not to feed it.  

Hope you feel better soon.  Happy Belated Birthday. Hope you can find some calm time to research online on the points I have raised which resonate with you.  The more you know, the more empowered you are to heal yourself.  Modern medicine often aims to stem the pain rather than cure the underlying cause.


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