Concussion nausea

Hi. I tripped and hit my head (far right forehead) on door frame 3 weeks ago. I have what I can only describe as morning sickness feelings. I sleep well, don't get headaches, although sometimes I feel a tightness in the back of my head (same side). I am taking arnica. Cut out caffeiene. I feel better by the end of the day. Anyone else feel like this?

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  • Could be a touch of concussion Nikki. I imagine that if the issues subside by the end of the day you probably haven't done serious damage. Remember that concussion can take months to heal depending on the amount of bruising sustained. (You're sure there couldn't be a simpler explanation for the morning nausea ?? ) :o

    If the problem persists see your GP. Best wishes, Cat x

  • I'm going to buy a test. Just in case! Thank you for your reply.

  • OMG .............that was only meant as a joke ! Hope you get your desired result Nikki. xx

  • I'm not pregnant...phew x

  • Oh my !.............sounds like you've had a worrying moment or two there. I'm glad it was what you wanted yo hear Nikki. How are your symptoms today ?

  • Appetite not great, little and often I'm going for.

  • Still think you're suffering with PCS. If you're still getting symptoms by mid-week you might wany to see your GP, for reassurance at least. x

  • Hi, so I'm the type of person who doesn't like taking meds. Pretty sure I'm literally worrying myself sick. I've left a message with an osteopath to hopefully get an appt. Anyone else has good results from this? Especially as it seems to be psychological. X

  • It might be wise to see your GP before seeking help from an osteopath. I got help from an osteo years ago for a frozen shoulder, but I felt the condition would have resolved itself eventually anyway.

    And if you suspect it's a psychological issue, you might benefit from a preliminary assessment from your GP. Taking the wrong direction for treatment can be very disappointing and costly. Your GP might prefer to refer you for psychological evaluation. xx

  • I went this morning as she had a cancellation. I have to say it was very helpful. Gentle cranial movements, then moved to my lower back and something kind of popped in the base of my spine, which seemed to relax my adrenalin filled body. Concussion is a very weird thing to deal with.

  • Glad it helped Nikki ! Hope it continues to help your symptoms. xx

  • Hi

    Might be worth trying the anti seasickness wristbands for nausea ... ? At least they are non pharmacological so can't interact with other meds. Ginger ( in most forms ) can be useful for sickness too ...

    Good luck :-)

  • Oddly enough though I can and do feel quite floaty at times, particularly if traveling by public transport, I don't seem to be able to get motion sickness, which is handy!

    The world can spin and float all it likes and I can and do loose my sense of position but no nausea.

  • The dr gave me cyclizine tablets but they just made me feel even more spaced out so stopped taking them. I'm currently sipping Apple and ginger cause that's all I can face first thing.

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