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Scared i've had (another) concussion

Hi all,

I've had my share of head bumps in my time, which I never gave much though to until a nasty thai boxing session in 2015. I didn't get knocked out or "bell rung", I just didnt feel right afterwards. At all. I was 100% certain I'd had a concussion.

My cognition was shot, but a clear CT scan was proof to my GP and psychiatrist my obsession with brain damage was a major depression relapse. I was signed off work for 3 months and diagnosed with health anxiety. I was glad to recover from whatever it was, but became paranoid about banging/bumping my head ever since.

2017 was a very personally tough year, enough to push the most mental healthy person over the edge, but I somehow managed to hang in there until November.

I was in the gym and bounced some weights off the floor (2 x 30kg) and because of the way I was sat, a slight shock wave went up through arms and neck, registering as a definite judder in my skull. There was no large head movement, plus I've done this before, got spooked about a possible concussion then forgotten all about it.

Within 2 days, I was sleeping badly, my concentration was shot, poor memory and my balance was dodgy for a week. I've developed tinnitus in my left ear and I'm waking myself up with snoring (apnea?). I believe its another concussion because I'm more TBI prone now and my mental health has really plummetted as a result.

My GP has stated on multiple occasions there was no injury mechanism and that it is my anxiety and depression. My therapist and psychiatrist also agree

I can't help think they are all mistaken. What does anyone else have to say?

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Hi Ady

Health anxiety is a difficult issue to deal with. Concussion can occur and no signs be seen on a scan, so how the health professionals can say for sure it has not happened I do not know. It would take a very detailed/ special MRI and theses are not routinely done.

You appear to be engaging with the right professionals and apart from avoiding all situations that can cause concussion I’m afraid you have to learn to live with this. There is no treatment other than rest for concussion and of course avoiding banging your head/ shaking your brain within your skull.

We are not medical professionals only individuals with first hand knowledge of living with brain trauma.

Do take care and be kind to yourself, rest regularly and listen to what your body tells you .

Janet x


You can find lots of research showing that Mild Traumatic Brain Injury can cause long term cognitive impairment, if that is the case you'd need to see a Neuropsychologist.

However you seem to be describing physical effects so that may be the domaine of a Neurologist.

Yet you seem not to mention anyone in the Neurological Service.


Ady, you're your own best physician in this situation. Your doctors must know that concussion can't be measured by scanning but it's all too common for neurological issues to be passed off as psychological.

Even if you had a firm diagnosis of concussion, or PVS from the previous injury, your only treatment would be avoidance of blows/jolts to the brain and serious amounts of rest and sleep.

Try to avoid stressing about your symptoms as stress will only exaccerbate them & create a continuous circle of paranoia. Respond to them by resting/taking a walk/playing music........anything which produces positive feedback for your brain. You can take control, but be patient, as concussion can be slow to resolve itself.

Physical and mental rest is important ; don't underestimate either Ady ! Good luck in repairing yourself, but stay away from weights or anything else which puts pressure on your brain 'til you feel 100%................ x


I'm currently assisting a client, in a insurance matter, his car's roof having hit the ground.

His scan revealed no damage, however he may have cognitive dysfunction so we demanded an assessment by a Neurologist. At the meeting with the Neurologist he recommended a referral to a Neuropsychologist.

As this is a insurance claim my client's waiting time will be much shorter than a referral by a GP.

I need to make clear my client gave permission for this post.


Hi Mate

I have same problems like u

And found exercise bike is good at home and arround 100bpm for 30 minutes with music..feel how you like it

And relax mate just enjoy music..

And in warmer days fresh air bike

Don't worry


I would have to agree with your doctor here, but independently as myself; there is no way that could give you a concussion unless somehow something about your constitution made you inhumanly susceptible to concussion. Many people try to break beer bottles over their heads at frat parties and every day many people hit their heads off of chin-up bars that they didn't expect to be in their friend's doorways (my friends do it all the time), and sometimes people headbutt walls because they are very unhappy but are also scared of overtly harming themselves: and yet even having sustained a proper knock, they are by all accounts (their own and other people's) quite all right.

I urge you to believe in your body's ability to weather all but the worst impacts and events.

Please, and you are totally within your rights to, seek what you must for peace of mind, but don't seek to confirm that which there is little to no evidence for.

I wish you all the best in your quest for peace.

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