Access to medical records for my daughter who is 20


My daughter has an acquired brain injury due to hypoxia, from which she is recovering. 6 weeks in and she is progressing well, just a long way way to go regarding her memory and cognitive function.

I think it would be important to have access to her medical records going forward as she has major depression and anxiety issues. Would anyone let me know how you have managed to have access to this, and how having this access has been useful to you?

Thank you!

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  • I am in the process of requesting mine, not that its a long or difficult process just that I have to take my time doing things to ensure I don't make mistakes.

    Look on the website of the hospital your daughter was treat d at and they should have a link to explain the process. I printed off an application form and am in the middle of filling it out. Mines a little more difficult for me because it was 5 years ago and I am having to confirm dates, because I want my rehab notes too plus copies of any scans.

    If you want a paper copy you have to pay, read only is free. I'm not sure yet how much I will pay, but I understand there is a maximum charge of £50.

    I'm not sure if it will be of any use, I just need to get the whole picture, plus I now know my ABI was caused by a condition called PRES which can resurrect so I need all the information I can get.

    Hope this helps.

    Janet x

  • Thank you Janet, I will have a look x

  • So Glad that your daughter has access to Headway & others unique Quirks & explanation of "things" / symptoms & advice. I've been suffering along time without knowing. A TBI kind chap had been observing me at work & quietly asked if I'd had trauma / RTA etc... Without him being a temp at my work, Id be wandering in my own fractured biosphere self still.. I would encourage your daughter to be amougst others with similar conditions & get their vibe advice.

  • Great advice, thank you x

  • Hello Phoenix, Jules here,

    Thank you for your words regarding the leaflet - cant bring myself to physically show the family now - its been too long in the making.

    I saw your post about medical records. I probably wont be much help, but we had to do this.

    Some of my records were only sent as a summary (the detail that we needed wasnt there in the first set we asked for).

    I dont know what you call the detailed set - but might same time if you confirm before paying the doc.

    Best luck



  • Thank you Joules, will do x

  • I got my husbands notes via our GP. I had to pay. It didnt give us a huge amount of detail, but that along with a diary I kept, a diary the nurses in icu kept and all his get well cards and headway leaflets are all kept in a file which I remind him where it is, they are there for him to look at and read whenever he is ready. Hope your daughter is doing ok. x

  • Thank you MaryLou, yes, she is doing ok, recovering very well physically, she has come a hugely long way since she got her bi due to hypoxia. However, the memory will be the part where we will all concentrate on to improve... hope your husband is doing well too x

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