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Been relaxing in the sunshine, thinking how well I've done from my SAH, in January, and returning to work next week, then brought back down to earth when went in the freezer, to find everything defrosted. I had unplugged it on Friday, for my son to mow the lawn, but forgot to plug it back in arghh, now got doubts how it's going to affect me in work. I'm a senior in a residential home, I'm going back surplus to the shift, but would be mortified if I forget something important regarding the residents. At least the dogs enjoyed their chicken breakfast.

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  • Lots and lots of memos to self and post its.

    I could never manage without a daily planner for reminders before my BI. Because I'm no longer working I'm finding don't need it now, I can manage just fine mostly, with the odd memory jogger in the notes on my phone, just remembe where you put your phone😀

    You'll overcompensate until you feel more confident but not a bad thing.

    Good luck, I'm sure you'll be fine xxx


  • Thank you kirk, yes been using a calendar for appointments etc and will have a jot pad in my pocket, when in work, so fingers crossed xx

  • Don't worry, it happens to the best of us - even those without a bi! I am always doing things like that. If you had you SAH in january and you are now going back to work, you really have been doing very well. Hope it goes well.

  • Thank you exhausted wife, yes I have done well, it just jolts you when something does happen, I'm going to try my old job but will consider reducing to a carer or cleaner, if I can't manage, have to wait and see xx

  • I would wait and see how you feel, but like everyone else has suggested write things down, always have a notepad and pen. Write something you've got to straight on your notepad and cross through it when you've done it xx

  • Thanks angel, yes I intend to carry a pad, and will do like you said cross off when done. Xx

  • Hi there, I returned to work for a fair few years. I had a day book where I wrote everything down in point form even if in a meeting . I then finished each day with a to do list and marked them off. I found it a great help.

    Sorry about the fridge episode.... have done it myself but only once!

    Sending all good wishes to you let us know how things are going for you x

  • Thank you tired nan, yes will be keeping notes, don't know how it will pan out as was never enough time, for everything before, it's going to take me even longer, but I'll give it a go, xx

  • All you can do is see how it goes... you don't know till you have a go at it. It panned out ok for me and my employer was pretty good . All good wishes to you and may the force be with you!;)

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