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Hi everyone,

I have just been referred to this site.

I have not been able to stop reading- and no surprise - I recognised many things that have been posted.

I have a hypoxic brain injury which was sustained as a result of a failed suicide attempt, some 8 years ago.

I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

I am not a doctor despite my profile name - lol

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Hello (might just call you Doc despite your lack of qualifications !) and welcome.

I don't have personal experience of hypoxia but have learned from coming to Headway that the after effects of different brain injuries have many similarities. My brain injury (BI) was a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage over 5 years ago which left me with some mobility issues, short term memory loss, fatigue, emotional lability and balance problems etc....

Would you like to explain a little more of your history (only what you're comfortable with) and what issues the hypoxic injury left you with. Cat x

DrAlbs in reply to cat3

Hi cat,

Thanks for your reply the content of which I note. I too suffer from short term memory issues. My longer term memory is relatively good. I cannot remember my kids date of birth some days and yet I can remember how to drive with no problems. I lack in confidence most of the time as I don't know what I know. When visiting friends and family I do my best to appear normal - which leads to my utter exhaustion. I don't tend to sleep well. I suffer from night sweats and every day I wake up in a pool of sweat which cannot be nice for my wife. I look forward to telling you more! All the best for now. Doc.

cat3 in reply to DrAlbs

Your reply rings so many bells it's almost a symphony ! I'm Familiar with all you've said as I know many others here will be. Like you say, it seems a contradiction how we can get straight back into driving yet can't remember what day it is ; presumably driving has been ingrained into our brains by years of repetition to the point where it's second-nature and instinctive. But birthdays ?..........don't get me started.

I hope we'll see much more of you Doc, meanwhile I really empathise with both your mental health and BI struggles but hope that, in time, you'll come to understand how being a member of this community can help to make you feel 'normal' (under the circumstances) and also help to lift your spirits. All best wishes, Cat x

steve55 in reply to DrAlbs

doc welcome it maybe helpful if you shared this site with your wife, so she gets a chance read all the problems and advice given by people who know how you feel.

i have a great supportive wife,who puts up with a lot from me, but because she hasnt had a brain injury shell never understand same with your wife, but by reading some of the things we put, she may see the problems we face.

Welcome to the group Doc :)

DrAlbs in reply to AlexBee

Thanks, I am glad to be here!

Hello there,

I'm so sorry to read of the circumstances around your b.i. Please know that you are very welcome here. A lot of shared expereinces here and definitely identify with your symptoms. i hope that you find this little sanctuary as great a support as i have.

best wishes

Tired Nan ;) our online funny,supportive,crazy group!.iam the wife of a B,I survior

Hi razyheath43, I am the wife off DrAlbs! 👋🏻


Hi DrAlbs welcome to the site, its great you've read some of our posts so it give you an idea of the amazing people on here. They are coping with at times scary and isolating situations. It has helped me no end talking to people about my frustrations and need for reassurance that I'm not on my own in how I feel, and even helping or reassuring if I can. I am sure everyone will make you welcome :-)

A big welcome to you. You'll find this an amazing group! xx

Welcome to the group!

Hello there 'doc' - Its Jules here.

Nice to meet you.

Kindest regards



Hello Jules, pleased to meet you too. Atm I am doing my youngest kids bedtime etc but I will be on again later 👍


He DrAlbs and Hannah,

My husband's brain injury was also due to a failed suicide bid but many years ago now. He has much the same symptoms as you. We have been living with this for so long, any help you need, just shout.

Good luck to you both.


Hannah2329 in reply to Hidden

Thank you Jan that's so sweet of you! I'm just astounded no one ever told us of this years ago! Reassuring to know we're not alone as it feels like we have been for a long time! I'm not sure where your based but one thing I would like to find is actual groups face to face social activities? This group is fab but we spend a lot of time at home, but even Dr Albs will admit is he struggles in public and doesn't feel he has much to talk about and the thing he does feel he could share he doesn't feel others will understand or be interested in. Hannah x

Hidden in reply to Hannah2329

Hi Hannah, Have you asked Headway about groups near you? I struggled alone for many years without help at all until we had a major upset last year when I started to get more assistance and then I found this wonderful site where people really understand.

Our Headway in Sussex has lots of meetings - coffee mornings for family members of those with a bi, evening meetings for the bi person and the family with lots of chat, information and general sharing of problems. Also Care for the Carers here has meeting with informative speakers, help with all sorts of things.

The nice thing about all these activities is that everyone understands!

Do contact your local groups and see what is out there.


Hi i am mum of george who has the same condition but his was due to addiction of prescribed medicine, that made him pass out and starved his brain. He is seven weeks into recovery and in rehab, he cant walk and being peg fed, he has found his voice and shouting and swearing, its frightening and i dont know what the future holds x x

Hi Donna

I'm so sorry your on this journey but welcome to the most supportive group I've found! In the initial stages of our journey we did have a lot of shouting, swearing and inappropriate comments - I hope for you that like ours it calms down soon! Hard as it is don't be tempted to tell him off or to stop - you want him to be talking and he wants to feel he is listened to! Good luck x

Thanks hannah, after visiting george yesterday, he was much calmer, and was laughing much more, good days and bad days i guess but thanks for your reply, i feel much more positive, knowing im not alone in this new journey.

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