Mixed day today

I've had a mixed day today, I was woken up by noise from my partner this morning. It may sound trivial, but mornings are difficult for me, usually very painful and takes me a while to move and get myself sorted. Then when I asked him a question we ended up arguing. But I was determined to get up and do something. I managed to push through the pain, had another row with my partner, and now resting. It all seems trival the things that set him off, he does get very defensive and guarded and flares up. Then later he is nice and can't do enough for me. It is an emotional assault course, somehow I seems to get through it :-)

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  • In my expriance as a wife of hubby with B.I i sometimes overcopmensate and try to understand too hard,yes resulting in a row!

  • Its walking on egg shells for me. I can ask a question and he answers with a question so I then have to change the way I ask the question and the reason for asking. Its exhausting when your in pain

  • Hats off to both u ladies,it's by far the hardest chapter in my life n so emotionally draining :( xxx

  • Hello flower your in our club to, living with a bi is hard for both parties. For me when I'm having a bad day when the pains bad all you want is peace. I can handle the snappy moods or defensive answers I get basically the idea description is walking on egg shells, but I didn't want to today. Listening to my music on my headphones helped. What we all should remember is to talk, use this forum because it does help. I am a great believer in getting my feelings out, holding things in does no good. :-) ☆☆

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