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Tough day

I absolutely hate days where everything is difficult. To a what we shall call the normals lol the things I struggle with they would think nothing of. Dropping things or trying to move something (especially if you feel exhausted). Just trying to basically do any regular activity can be so frustrating. Today has definitely been one of those days. To just top my day off (you'll probably laugh) but I went to sort out my mattress tonight and found a massive spider lurking behind it. So I try to go in for the kill, as I can't sleep with them in the bedroom. I had to call my partner and whenever he's doing something he's a nightmare as he is extremely quick to lose his temper. Well as a million other times he started to snap, we then do the bit where we're both quiet. He's then on the hunt for this flipping spider which has by now disappeared. What a palaver and totally exhausting. I have to laugh about it now, as I'm sat on my bed watching for this flipping spider to show its face :-) :-)

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Good that you can laugh about it ☺ I keep a glass and card handy to deal with spiders. Can't kill them, and living on one's own mean I have to.....maybe you could try too ? Then wouldn't have the "added complications" of someone else's mood?


Thank goodness you can laugh about it! Sounds like a rough day. Sending you peaceful wishes and hope you're having a better day today.


Thanks Teabone, I've been a bit silly today. I've done my usual trick of determined to do something and then paid for it after. The logical side of my brain seems as though its increased whilst other areas are damaged. Its say come on get back to normal you can do this. So like an idiot I do then I'm hit with pain, stupid of me :-(


Sorry to hear you're in pain :( Do you have to be careful with all physical activity or just certain things? I know my wife gets pain from time to time, but because of her limited communication, I can never really understand if it's caused by/ related to her physical activities.

Sounds like you should take it easy now. Hope the rest of the day is better :)



I have two neuro conditions that affect me, its basically attacking my central nerve system. So I can have very painful muscle spasms that can start in my throat and then goes around my lungs or can be like a tighting band right round me just under my ribs. Or the other lovely thing my body does is gives me seizures. I have lost count how many I have had over 7yrs. It is the seizures that have caused injuries to my brain. Its a battle mind and body, and I'm (as my partner says) bloody minded, im stubborn and strong willed. I may be in pain but I don't let it get me down :-) thank you so much for your replies. For your wife I bet she gets frustrated I know when I've had a seizure I lose my speech and when no one understand my noises or slur I get agitated. Its not easy but she has a good partner :-)


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