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Hi all,

I haven't really posted on here in a while.

There are two things coming up that are quite exciting for me.

Firstly, to raise much-needed funds for Headway, I am going to take part in a sponsored swim. They did thid sponsored swim last year and as I didn't really feel completely confident at first, I was more of a spectator.

This year I am going to give it a go. The actual swim was going to take place in April but is now taking place in September instead.

I have already got a lot of people to sponsor me and have made over £200 :).

I won't actually be swimming a certain distance or certain location. The sponsored swim/swimathon is in an indoor pool and people basically go for a paddle :).

A member of staff swum it last year and she claims that she can't swim. When I watched her, she was using a noodle float but also tried swimming without the float a few times so well done to her.

Anyway, I am a pretty good swimmer and I reckon I will swim at least ten lengths in an hour.

Secondly, the manager of my Headway was speaking to me a while back if I would like to be nominated as volunteer of the year. I said "Yeah okay, why not". I got a letter a few weeks ago inviting me to the Town Hall in Gosport where the ceremony will take place.

Now years ago, if someone asked me if I wanted to be a volunteer of the year and go to a ceremony I would have given them a definite "No way!", I would be out of my mind with worry. But now, I am a lot more confident and I do expect I will worry a little as it gets closer to the day but I used to really annalyse things and build up anxiety but now is more like 'I'll take it as it comes'... With some things anyhow.

I'm really glad I feel like that now about certain things, it certainly puts my mind at ease. It's kind of like my brain has now found the pot of weed and is saying "Mellow out".

Those of you who know that I am a keen artist, you'll be glad to know that I have sold some of my work. Only to one person so far but still, I have sold. And I shall be selling another drawing on Friday I think.

This is the drawing I am going to sell...

Take care everyone :),


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The drawing is great (as always) + the sponsored swim + the volunteer award + the sale of the pictures. Well done Matt for all your effort & determination over the past 18 months since we've known you.

So good luck receiving your award (whenever that is) and I'd be delighted to sponsor you for the swim in September.   xx

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Hi Cat,

Glad you like the drawing :). I have interested somebody else on here who would like to buy a copy I think :).

The volunteer of the year ceremony will be held on June the 9th and I haven't actually won any award as of yet but have been nominated by my Headway and have been invited to the town hall where I will get a certificate along with other nominated volunteers. If Headway win the volunteer of the year, then I would likely win some kind of award :). Fingers crossed :).

How would the sponsor work out? I can add you to the form and then you would send the money to my address after I have done the event? Or it might even be better to send the money directly to my Headway's address. would that way work out for you?

Take care,



Maybe you can ask Headway what the protocol is for donations ; I honestly don't have a clue.  I just give money --- don't actually earn it like you good guys !

Why not message them & ask ?   xx

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I have now emailed a member of staff at my Headway about the donating, I just now have to wait for the reply.

When we were speaking earlier about donations, I did think about making my own Just Giving web page but I have never made one before and so I don't know how it all works. 

I am like you, I can hand out money and that is about it.

Well, even though I do earn a little money from my drawings, there would be a long space in between each sale. I think I might be selling one drawing on Friday but my last sale was probably early or mid April, and my very first drawing was sold late last year I think.

Aside from the drawing sales, I do get benefits from the government which I say I earn because having a brain injury, for me, it makes me feel like I have to work extra hard at times, especially when walking outdoors. And I also volunteer on Friday mornings as well which is another reason why I think I earn my money.

I just had a thought and our Headway has it's own Just Giving page so you can donate directly on to there if you wish :).



Amazing artwork. Congratulations on your award, a nice way to show you how far you have come and what you have achieved. 

I used to do sponsored marathon swims in my younger years. Thoroughly enjoyed them. Hope you have a great swim! 

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OK Matt that's perfect, but I want to say who & what it's for. I know it's a charity swim for Headway in September, so can I  have your full name now to make it clear who's earned it !   xx


You could add the message with your donation. "I am sponsoring Matt Johns for his 'Splash for cash' fundraising event in September" or something similar. And I think you would get some sort of a 'Thank you' letter sent to you.


OK that's exactly what I needed Matt.  I'll do it right now !

I think you should put a separate post on, notifying everyone on the forum, so that anyone wishing to sponsor you can do so using the link you've provided.   :-/    xx


Done Matt ( £20).  Don't forget to post a reminder about the swim.



I thank you and I should think my Headway branch thanks you too for the donation.

I will eventually make another post with the link to their just giving page but I have noticed something on their where it looks like I can set up a separate page. I will have to ask more about this and my Headway might already want me to set up a separate page but can't do just yet because I do not have the actual date right now. I know it is in September but the date is still being organised.

Post a reminder, you mean before the event? I shall do so :).


Fantastic news :) well done. 

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Thank you Elanor :).


Hiya Matt : )

Tiger, tiger, burning bright... another beauty from your collection : )

I have just remembered to go on your coroflot ( carrot blot ! - it's how I remember the name  ) website - you have been busy ! It was nice to see the familiar pictures, caricatures  and Matt batts again ( have really missed the puzzles ) plus the new pics you have added : )

Lots of good things happening for you - great stuff : )

Good luck with your swimathon, nomination and art sales, it's great to see your confidence growing.

Take care, mellow fellow : )

Angela x


Hi Angela :),

Glad you like the tiger :).

Carrot-blot. I like that :). We use weird methods to remember certain things. For the Spanish word 'gracias' I always think of "Grassy arse" and the French phrase 'Sil vou plait' as "Silver plate" :).

Ah yes, there have been a lot of pictures on Carrot-blot :), that I haven't posted on here. Which has just reminded me, I never posted my last puzzle/Matt-bat on here. I shall have to do that.

Thank you for the good vibes :).

Take care and later gator :),


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