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Facial Twitching

Hi, can any one put my mind at rest please? I'm probably being silly but I keep getting twitches on the right side of my face, around about the cheek bone. Saying that, I've only had one today but some times they are quite frequent. It has just started recently - my eye started twitching and it seems to have moved down to my cheek. I don't know if this is tiredness or work related (stress - I don't feel stressed.) I'm on 1000mg of Keppra x 2 a day to control absences (resulting from scarring - brain abscess.) I've been on this since Sept so I'm guessing it shouldn't be related to this drug. Can these twitches only be related to tiredness or should I go to the GP?

I hope this makes sense.

Thank you very much

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Hi I was always told it was linked to tiredness, but I have a neuro condition which has caused problems with my central nerve system and that causes spams. I could be that you are just tired, but as it can be annoying and causes some aching (in my experience). It might be worth having a chat with your gp, just to check


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Where abouts was your abcess located? If you don't me asking.

Cos I have read a few things about spasticity (stiffness/spasms in the muscles) and it is mostly common with MS patients but it can also affect people who have had neurological/spinal disorders.

I originally had a brain tumour in 1996 and it was/is located on the brain stem, where a bunch of nerves are too.

I have nerve damage and have weak muscles, more noticable in my face.

My balance has got worse over the years and now use a walking stick to get around. 2014 was when I first got involved with the Headway forum and this is where I first heard the word 'spasticity' as a few other people here have it. I looked into it and it sounds like I may have a mild case of it as well.

I did also read that although spasticity can come as stiffness in muscles it can come as involuntary spasms too and can affect the face muscles.

For years I have had twitching in my face, mostly around my mouth. I don't get the twitching every day but it can come on every now and then.


Thanks for replying. My abscess was on the front lobe - it was very small as I had a seizure and so it was caught in time. I also get stiffness to the neck but the neuro said it was because of the gran mal seizure - it had damaged some nerves. Perhaps it is all related, who knows!

Thank you very much for replying - I appreciate it.

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I posted on here recently that I get shaking down one side, since a head trauma. Not commonly but triggered by something perhaps which is not an everyday event. Not actually sure why. Perhaps note it down and see if there are links or a pattern? I went back to the GP about my shaking and linked my "episodes" with what had happened before.

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