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free education

free education

i've been finding the prospect of the future daunting because it's so hard to learn and remember these days...

i'm giving a free online education course a try called Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects \https://www.coursera.org/course/learning

course head injured tough subjects are a bit different... BUT a few minutes into lesson one and i'm getting taught about the brain and how memory works.

the picture above talks about different ways of thinking and lots of flags were being put up when she was talking about focused thinking and how difficult it is to get access to something that you might know.

reminds me of all those times that i'll be doing things/saying things and be so sure of what i'm doing but it is totally and completely wrong until someone is talking and it makes you remember the right way and wonder how you could have thought any other way was true... the focus you have on something is so tight and unchanging! i'm tired and bored of that!

we're all on our computers and on forums. i'll post any useful things about memory and learning if you like :)

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OooO and it talks about metaphors being powerful techniques for learning! in the early days i would describe everything with metaphors and imageries in hopes that i would remember it. course i can't remember anything specific now...

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thank you ...i would appreciate this


I was told by my cognative therapist that after a TBI the brain over time rewires itself to make new pathways

I believe this is what happened over the years after my accident so although I still have "relapses" I am now much improved

What I am trying to say is although it takes time with the proper support you will get there


Thanks for this, I think I will take this course too. I have exams to pass by 2017 and right now I know I haven't a chance and will be out of a job but I feel this course will help me to get my old confidence back and pass those exams :)


i've applied for funding to do the signature track of the class so that i get a certificate at the end! that might help a bit in terms of motivation and structure...

i've also just signed up to work with Personal and family financial planning. all these things that are very relevant right now! memory and budgeting!


(i'm also doing an introduction to linux course and am spending most of my evenings happily indoors and working bit by bit!)


here's another one: coursera.org/course/cps

creative problem solving!

some info about coursera - explores having access to univeristy modules and offering them to us for free. they suggest a few hours a week and involve video lectures, forums, quizzes, essays and peer to peer grading (which i really really like). there are deadlines but there's zero pressure to commit to them. further reading, simple and accessible website! recommended!


the learning how to learn course didn't really work because you may be learning what you need but you're

also unable to learn these things!

i've found another one that looks great though! i'm going to post here as a reference for myself and

hopefully a few others too.

the new one i've come across is called EXPLORING NEURAL DATA and focuses on the basic principles of

neuroscience which is a little bit relevant ;)


i've also been doing some basic maths on khanacademy.org.

laid out really nicely plus colour plus lots of repetition and practice. ranges from basic maths to calculus

and differentials (whatever they are). there's also computing, humanities, arts and sciences. TEXT IS BIG



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