Well today I found a Headway group I am happy and comfortable in. Not too many people and most importantly, doing something I feel positive about- writing. I cannot believe how complex the head injury situation is, the amount of people affected and the different ways. I feel exhausted but so glad I went again as the pottery was not for me but I felt deep inside I must go back on a different day and Headway allowed me to choose between Tuesday and Thursday. There's also a group there today doing art which is nice to see but again, something too difficult for me and not my interest. Forgot I love writing so looking forward to next week! Really nice vibe today and I don't feel too panicked in a smaller group.

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  • Hooray !! Glad you found some real positives there.....onwards and upwards ☺

  • Thanks- I feel much more positive about life these days :)

  • The two I joined were both closed down. Very sad really because I met some really nice people, three of whom I stay in occasional touch with.

    When they were running they were very beneficial but someone [I know who they are] knew better; a real pity.

  • Yes this one seems to be beneficial and I can relax as there are less people. Too much going on gives me brain-overload! I don't think anyone there is on a level where they can talk much. I don't feel any pressure in that environment so it's good for me and hopefully it's a step towards finding a suitable job!

    That's a shame someone closed the one you joined down.

  • Wasn't one - it was two. A manager before BI thinking they are a manager after. In my opinion needs to step back and actually look at the damage their 'Look I'm a big manager person' persona has actually achieved ..... nothing.

    Pity this person can't understand that after what we go through 99.9% don't remain anything like the person we were.

    Glad yours is ok. I won't be joining anymore Headway groups now.

  • Yes, some of us have a lack of insight depending what way our journey of recovery has gone...

    Not sure how long I'll continue going to the group but I like it.

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