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Headway News Bitesize - February '17

Headway News Bitesize - February '17

Hi all,

We thought you might be interested in the latest issue of our email newsletter, Headway News Bitesize, which we sent out to our subscribers yesterday.

It covers a selection of news and features from us over the last month, including a really moving video from ITV's Extraordinary Weddings of Will and Amy Perringwood - definitely one to watch.

There's also news on benefits changes, football, and a focus on memory problems with top tips, personal stories and useful information for people living with this.

Click here to read it now: us1.campaign-archive2.com/?...

There's a 'subscribe' button at the top of the page if you'd like it delivered to your inbox each month.

We hope you enjoy, and as always please let us know what you think :)

Best wishes,


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Thanks guys ; some great content there & helpful advice. I watched the video of the BMX lad Jamie Mckecknie for the second time, and found it as heart-breaking as the first time I saw it.

For those of us with ABIs the trauma and consequences can seem so unfair but, when such a devastating injury is the result of a random, pointless attack, the injustice seems staggering ; yet his summing up was that 'It's in the past............. and Sh*t happens' ! Brave, lovely young man.

Best wishes, Cat.

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