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Face Pain

Face Pain

This is something I have been experiencing the last few days. This type of face pain is caused from extreme fatigue after suffering from a serious neurological condition. It's difficult to describe but even by resting and sleeping it takes days or weeks to overcome. A #littletravel has a long effect .so if you are #suffering from this after a brain injury then it's normal ! It's actually a thing ! Please check the link from the #brainandspinefoundation which will help with more information to help with your recovery.


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Hi Kavita

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing face pain, additional to the other after effects of your subachnoid haemorrhage. I know that post bi that many of us seem to develop other conditions. For me it has been fibromyalgia. Is what your are experiencing a form of trigeminal neuralgia?

Best wishes


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