Sorry I havnt posted in a while! But yeah I'm still here!

So lately I have found myself being very short tempered and getting very agitated over things. I have a large group of friends and we have a large group chat as most groups do, for no other reason than just wanting to I have removed myself from this whatsapp chat group, and also another smaller group. I was getting very annoyed by the gossip and petty talk that was occurring! I know I'm happy in my little bubble so that's what I have done! I have also deactivated my Facebook! I feel like I almost want people to forget me and just leave me be honestly! Not sure how to quiet explain this weird adventure I have been experiencing lately, but as always I'm still finding this hard! Not quiet sure what to do now though. Just keep my head down I guess?

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I hear more & more about people here shutting 'friends' and familiars out and it's not that surprising when you think about it. Before my BI I was happiest in a crowd ...........loved my work (involving people from all walks of life) and had various close friends who I regularly went out with.

But little by little, since the BI, I've pared everything down by making excuses or simply not answering the phone/doorbell, to the point where I've lost touch with almost everyone from my 'former life' of 5 years ago.

I believe my personality has changed so much that my needs and choices and preferences no longer fit in that previous life, and the people I considered friends seem so irritating as to make me panic from the need to escape within minutes.

I felt so guilty for a while, but not any more. They see me as they always have, whereas from my new perspective they're all now complete strangers. I have my family and 2 or 3 people who 'get' me........................not to mention so many really special people here on Headway.

Enjoy your own company for a while Huw ; it can be so liberating. Then decide who you've become by experimenting with different experiences and different people. You're young and can afford to spend time on finding the lifestyle and people with whom you're most compatible.

Over-thinking can cause too much anxiety ; treat this as a new beginning, but just relax and take your time ! ;-) xx


Hi Huw, I agree with Cat. Social media sites are so over-rated. I don't do any of them, I only post on here and try not to be over bearing when I do.

Take some time out and enjoy that me time. You can opt back in any time you want.

I think it's a sign of strange times when the president of the USA spends so much time " tweeting" , very peculiar world we live in !

Love Janet x


Yep, I get it. I have similar thoughts and take actions to remove myself from the "noise" too.


Oh Clare, I'm the same, I removed myself two weeks ago from a group chat, it was inviting me out on a night I couldn't manage to go as my husband would have his last exam that day and we had already decided to something just the two of us. I couldn't be bothered with my phone pinging all day everyday when all the idle chit chat was sent back and forward to each other so I just gave my apologies saying sorry we couldn't manage and why then deleted myself from the group! I'm not great at tolerating the idle chit chat on things like that either! It's so lovely to be asked but nowadays I'm happy just plodding along doing things at my own pace with no pressure and def not in a large group. I think we all need to find ourself after a bi and I know i'm still trying to do that. I used to be great in a crowd and have a good laugh but now I prefer peace and tranquility to anything else!

Don't worry yourself about deleting the group thing, just do whatever makes you happy and whatever you feel you are able to cope with!

I'm sure folk will have plenty to say about me removing myself but I'm getting less bothered by folks opinions nowadays (which is a good thing for me as I'm a real worrier). If things bother me I just keep thinking to myself....you are not entitled to your opinion, you're entitled to your informed opinion...no one is entitled to be ignorant!

Take care,



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