good evening all. for those of you who are unfortunate to no longer speak in a way that is acceptable to society, heres something that may interest you.

recently a high court judge has said it is no longer an offence to swear at a police officer because they hear it that often. that high court judge has now set a president.

so the moral of this story is......................................................................................

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😂😂that made me laugh ! My husband who had not told me he was sneaking a ciggie got caught for dropping one on the ground cost him £80. He didn't know it was littering !! Made me laugh - he has stopped smoking 🙏🙏

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brady that is one good thing the stroke did, it made me give up smoking. he can only be fined if there is a warning sign and an ashtray near by. if not then fight your corner.

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Don't worry am already onto it but was worth paying if he stays off ciggies x


Evening All!!! Love it.

He's a little late giving that verdict. It already existed that '.... a Police Officer cannot be offended.' It's not a precedent.

Its common sense given the rise of the common use of the F word etc. However, use of such language can lead to anyone, including a police officer, suffering 'Fear, Harassment and Alarm.'

So, if you're thinking of giving an officer a bad time next time you get eyed or stopped I'd be very careful; arrest for FHA as above is one thing but when you've played your 'I've had a BI, and you can't do anything about it' card you have opened another way of dealing with you. Quick word with a Police Officer of or above, the rank of Inspector and you could find yourself being Sectioned under Mental Health Act.

Be aware, there's many ways of dealing with persons who are anti-social and that's just one. Another course would be Breach of the Peace..... even with PACE its a viable option. Magistrates Court with immediacy and a £50 fine.

At a bus stop in Croydon someone was arrested for just that, jumped a bus queue and pushed off duty PC out his way to board the bus. When he was pulled up short for his behaviour by the PC he was arrested BoP. The Magistrate then stated that given the manner in which the PC was spoken too and the behaviour of the accused the charge of BoP was upheld. Think that was 1983.

Shout and swear from the road at anyone in a private building and its a Public Order Offence.

I once stopped a motor vehicle with a defective rear light and the driver thought he'd give me a really poor time with a display of bad language and Jamaican patois in from of his mates and up his standing. Pity he did that because from just being informed that he was showing one red light to the rear of the vehicle and being asked to fix it asap and told to go on his way rejoicing, the stop was converted to something much different to how it started. Three in for possession of drugs and one for assaulting a police office [he spat on him].

So, still want to come out and play?


b rainedat17 yeh i come out to play, unfortunately because of my abi, i dont like people, new people that is,

i take medication for my mood swings and aggressive behaviour and yes i swear,which certainly would not have gone down too well in my job prior to my abi.

now back to my point. i only go out at the weekend withmy wife and as yet have never been pulled up for my bad language, which thankfully does not include the c word or would be in big trouble with with my wife.

so as far as im concerned what i say is directed at my wife, who although she knows i cant help it , will try and get me to speak quietly. so there is no way i can be arrested on a section 5.


Take my hat off to you Steve55 ...... now how did you know its S5, I wonder? Dont answer that :)

I too swear like a trooper, anytime, anywhere or circumstance.

Best to you ....


brainedat 17 i could say i have a school friend of mine who is a retired police officer, which would be true, i could also tell you that as a member of her majestys armed forces i was arrested on a couple of occassions, which would also be true, but on those occassions i was charged under some archiac 19th century law of breach of the peace.

i will come clean and admit that my knowledge of s5 is due to late night police programmes i watch.


Wasn't prying but was interested in your knowledge....... no 252's for you either :)


brainedat 17 252 now..............what might you you know about 252s


I was briefly in RGJ - I say briefly because an epileptic fit put paid to any ideas I had of any service.


ex brillcream yeh a few sect 69 prejudice and good conduct of ( something like that, ive been out 30 years ) airfoce act.

had a nose around the rgj museum. i think if anyone had any sense when england was conquering the world, they would have joined the rgj, rather than standing in their neat squares being blown to pieces.


There's some good stuff in that museum; went once assuming we talk of the one at Winchester.

Ex RAF --- better trade training I'm told. Anyway at 67 much to old for change now.


thats the one. with the ghurkas and the hussars


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