Help for longterm sufferer

Hi, I'm new here and this is a long shot but just wondering if anyone can steer me in the right direction to get my brother some help.

In short he was involved in a car crash in the 70's and it is a miracle he is with us. After a long time in a coma and mental health hospitals, learning to do everything again he actually went back to work. He then walked off a roof and it was evident he did not have the concentration to work and he was placed on incapacity benefit. Many years have passed, he moved himself to England and ended up on unemployment benefit and he lived eith me for two yrs but then returned N Ireland 10rs ago now, where he continues to be on it. ( Hes 62yrs old) He is not fit to work but i cannot get him to go to the doctor nor accept he needs help. I'm not even sure what help there is it not about the money I feel he is a danger to himself and others if he is to work machinery etc. ( He cut through the wire on hedge trimmers trying to help me in the garden and dropped a large 900cc mcy thinking he could just move it ) He paints and lives in the old family home in which he hoards plastic bottles and paints. He forgets what he has to do, has poor higene with in the home not even notifying me if there is a problem ( such as leaking roof and broken toilets) I am so far away from him but don't know where to turn for help. is there such a thing as a keyworker for vulnerable people with head injuries?? My brother had him to his over Christmas and advises me that he is getting worse.

Any suggestions? (he lives NI)

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Hi and welcome

If you know which GP surgery he comes under I would suggest ringing them directly as a first step. Use the enquiries number.

You can express your concerns and ask for numbers for other services like social work.

I can speak from recent experience of having to get my mum's meds sorted for what ,in England, is called blister pack but in parts of NI at least is called weekly dispense.

A quick note here the GP is likely to call you and if you have caller ID it will not show the number or say unavailable.

When the GP rang me I was surprised to be thanked for raising concerns and told that doctors often rely on family members to make them aware of things that just won't show in an appointment.

If you want to talk more you can message me.

Hope this helps

Love n hugs


You could also ring the Headway helpline when they re open on 3rd January.


He sounds like he needs an assessment for a community care package. Contact his local GP and see if they can set up an appointment with a GP who can refer him for help. Alternatively contact the social work office closest to your brother and see whether they can go out and assess him


Hi Daisy

I also meant to say that if your brother isn't registered with a surgery you could do a search for surgeries in his area and ring them.

Love n hugs



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