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Traumatic brain injury

Hi...hoping someone can say something that will give us hope.My brother was found with a severe head injury 7 months ago.He had to have surgery but initially made a good recovery with a GCS of 14.He then fell into a coma 5 weeks later for about 5 weeks.He now has a Tracey.He had fluid build up on his head.He then had a shunt put in which didn't work and another one was put In.He then regained consciousness but keeps getting infections which set him back.He hasn't spoken for almost 5 months now.The fluid keeps building up.He has now had a lumber puncture drain to drain the fluid.When he is awake he is able to communicate to us with gestures.Sometimes we lose hope when he gets really bad like he is now.Has anyone got anything positive to share with us to give us hope.We would be so grateful.Thank you.

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Sometimes it takes a while before a person with a brain injury shows any signs of improvement. Bear with him and don't loose hope for him. He will have neuro rehab once he is stabilised medically and the physics and OTs etc are great at what they do. Sometimes it helps for some people to have a pen and paper to hand as they might be able to write things down if they are able, if they can't find the words.

I hope things continue to improve for your brother and I hope you are getting some support too


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