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Improvement in Identical twin son, aged 8 condition


At the hospital at the moment with my very close and supportive friend Laura who kindly did the post on Thursday evening because I was too upset to do it myself.

Jamie is no longer in a semi conscious state and has had something to eat and drink. Also he has spoke for the first time earlier today as well, since the accident 4 days ago, to one of the nurses looking after him, me and Laura, which bought tears to our eyes.

Hope you all did not mind me sending you this update, within 24 hours of the other update, yesterday and will keep you all updated as soon as there is any more changes in either Jamie's, Zac's or Eric's condition.


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Hi Andy that is so lovely to hear that Jamie has made some encouraging progress. A very understably emotional moment for you and Laura. Jamie's body still has a lot of healing to do but to know he speaking and understanding is wonderful.

I and I am sure others on here are eagerly awaiting your updates so post every day or more if you like and do not feel that you shouldn't.

Best wishes to all x


All updates gratefully received Andy so please keep them coming, and that's really great news about Jamie !

Hope this is just the beginning of better days ahead for both your boys, and Eric also. xx

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