Hi All I have been diagnosed with pneumonia and I was wondering if there could be a link between it and TBI ? can fatigue etc bring this on ? I had a chest X Ray but was told my lungs were clear at the same I was told by my GP that my right lung was still congested so there seems to be a contradiction here I have had 3 courses of antibiotics and a course of steroids I am waiting for results of blood tests will see GP on friday staying in and keeping warm any ideas about this ? have not been in hospital all the very best to everyone

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  • hi chero hope everythings ok. keep us posted

  • If it were Spring, a daily walk with intake of fresh air would be beneficial, but in this weather the cold & damp would just aggravate your cough. So best stay indoors. But do deep-breathing exercises several times daily to clear away mucus, and maintain high doses of vitamin C.

    Get well soon ! x

  • Sometimes lying flat for long periods and reduced activity can be a contributing factor in the development of pneumonia and other kinds of chest infection.

    Deep breathing and coughing excercises can help. Sometimes seeing a physio can help. I had pneumonia post SAH. Gentle mobilisation and were walks can help. Make sure you drink enough, so the mucous is easier to cough up and follow your gps instructions

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