Just over two months since negative SAH

Just over two months now since my non aneurysmal SAH and jus seeing how I'm doing day to day. Mentally ok tho feel quite vulnerable when I'm out send about. I'm slower at walking than I was before for some reason. If I try to walk the pace I did before ( albeit a 'march' as my neighbour put it I feel light headed, get headache and feel like I'm climbing a hill and naturally my body seems to slow down. I've tested different times of day up yo out and rush hour eve and morn were the worst as I have dystonia too which affects my neck and is worse when I'm anxious ! I am optimistic, work are being good with having time off but I get bit worried bout it coming back and the phrase 'questional basilar tip aneurysm in my discharge notes !

I was swimming before but feel bit nervous bout goin back and prob would only do breast stroke as I reckon I'd get dizzy with front crawl .......I know it's still early days and compared to some stories on here I got off pretty lightly but I def don't feel the same as I did before. Looking forward to playing in the band I'm in but when ?!? Anyway here's been great for support so many thanks to all on here for the informative posts !!

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  • Good morning

    You sound like you are doing great. Well done for the train journey ! That can be tough when nothing has happened to you. Maybe try a little session in rehearsals with your band or just go along to one.

    Take care of yourself

    Livvy xx

  • Thanks Bradybunch35 yes I'm gonna try a rehearsal, just released a single so need to promote if we can but I won't be able to thrash about like I used too lol

  • Good luck with single xx

  • Sounds like you are doing well so far....I know I cried the first time I swam after my cvst....about 2 months in. my youngest son (20 then) came with me and I didn't do more than about 6lengths.

    Went again the following day and advised the lifeguard that I was swimming alone and had previously had seizures. they kept a special eye on me each time for several months but now don't need to tell them.

    Just take it steady, don't overdo it and certainly don't try to do what you did "before".

    Good luck ☺

  • Thanks moo196 tbat all sounds good. Thought about asking life guard which sounds sensible !

  • Sounds like you are paying attention to what your brain is saying to you! Normally our 'unconscious' brain runs the whole rig without us noticing except for food and sleep. But when its necessary management does impact our day to day wishes/habits then I am sure that it is better to cooperate! After my severe TBI I went on to have two babies and my brain told me immediately on implantation that I was in a new mode - I never bought/took a pregnancy test. I was obedient throughout both pregnancies and when the time came I wasn't even aware that first stage was happening - the first I knew was second stage and that was only an hour and pain free - just very powerful no-messing contractions!

    I have always thought that my total, practised cooperation led my brain to trust me to respond and comply with its big task in hand. It's just my feeling/theory but it does make sense when you think about the potential conflict between the two dimensions of the brain when the going gets tough...

  • I like that take on things CarolineLD , but I must not too that definitely my brain is the boss but my mind ...........no well that's a different story completely lol !

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