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My film, 'The Fog' didn't make the shortlist for the award, sadly. Hey ho, I tried.

To be honest, my desire to continue is a little shaky. I'm trying my damndest to get the word out there, even to educate by just being honest. And still nobody from outside the brain injured (and associated conditions) community is even taking a look. The first film has 125,000 views and the others have a similar amount between them. When I made 'Some People' I, quite seriously, would have been happy if I'd reached 100 views, just 100. But now, a quarter of a million people have at least peeked at them, 250,000! It blows my mind. I've lost count of the organisations in health and media I've sent them to, it is quite literally hundreds, maybe into four figures. Myself and a couple of trusty admins (Thanks!) haven't stopped since July and not a nibble, yet...

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  • 'Liking' that you're trying to get the message out, not that you're disheartened, or that mainstream isn't biting. Nobody seems to know what to do with 'us', and while-ever we're just being aimlessly bounced around different departments, without the 'whole' of living with a brain injury being addressed, we're slipping through the cracks, being told we were lucky to survive, or "Well, that's only to be expected, isn't it?"

    I'm just venting, too, actually stuck in the house today, due to some fairly unpleasant 'preparation' for a 'procedure' tomorrow. (Unlikely to be anything organic, more likely the stress-response to the brain-thing, but doctors need to follow their procedural orders...)

  • It's not so much that nobody knows what to with us, I think nobody cares that much.

    Out of sight, out of mind...

  • I'm biting back one of my trademark-horrible first-impulses, that it'll take one of us doing something abhorrent to bring it to the mainstream media's attention, and then we'll ALL be monsters.

    (Not planning to do anything abhorrent, or encouraging anyone else to do so.)

  • Honestly, I'm at a loss. I've been plugging my page and my films for months. I've contacted the BBC and every associated regional news programme, likewise with ITV. I've contacted radio stations galore, prominent 'celebrities' with brain injuries and I've not had one single response. Not even a response to say, 'thanks but no thanks'. Nothing.

    Is it all worth it?

  • Yes it's all worth it mister! Even if it happened to only make one person understand what it's like living with a brain injury then it's def worth it! Hard work on your part and I admire you for trying so hard on behalf of us all, you're certainly a trier and god loves a never know, maybe the lucky break is just around the corner! It does feel like we are lost in society now....people who do horrendous things are heard more than us! It's such a pity that a kind, caring, understanding ns doesn't come along and take on board what it is like for us now, maybe somebody in authority would be listened to more than we would! It's a sad state of affairs when genuine people like ourselves have to try to educate the whole world on this awful condition but you get 10/10 for trying so if you have the energy to continue then that's what you should do! I wonder if it's the back to the old fashioned way of life where people like us should be hidden away as if we are a lost cause! Grrr!!! xx

  • Thanks, Peachy, I appreciate your encouragement. I'll keep going, I'm just sick of staring at the wall in front of me. I said to someone earlier, it's a wall made of the bricks and mortar of ignorance and lack of understanding.

    Hard to break down...

  • Well mister, I have a suggestion for you....(on the jokey side btw).....break that wall of ignorance and lack of understanding down and take two large tablespoons of cement and man up and continue to do what you do so well! ;) xx Haha! xx

  • Ooh, get you with your harsh words :)

    I'll consider myself slapped

    Well, I never, I come on here, I'm yelled at like a naughty schoolboy...


  • I actually thought that was quite a quick witty reply coming from someone whom the rest of society don't want to know about cos I'm brain injured! ;) I don't usually go around slapping folk but those who have a talent and want to stop using it....deserve a slap every now and then! Haha! ;) xx

  • I'm genuinely quite frightened now. I suppose I better carry on.

    I'm getting slapped by strangers now...


  • Sometimes we just need a push in the right direction and there's nothing better than a hungry, tired woman to do where are my pringles...once you pop you can't stop and the same applies to've taken a pop at creating awareness, so you can't stop! xx

  • Nice similie!! Not everyone can turn Pringles into a message about life :)

  • Oh I can even make pringles vanish very quickly! :)

  • You and me both. Cheese and sour cream later...

  • S n v all the way! :)

  • Damn straight! But my wife bought these...


  • "People who make a difference" (For Wednesday poets corner)

    Dedicated to everyone here on the forum but especially to the baron for his fantastic 'some people' video which has helped people around me to understand what's happening. P.S. I use the word poet in the loosest possible sense

    At first I watched from far away,

    Till I got the nerve one day,

    To write a post - I thought I'd try

    Hoping someone might reply

    None around could understand

    So I turned to Headway-land

    Feeling nervous I wrote 'Hi'

    Baron-c then made me cry

    'Welcome mate - pull up a chair

    Get yiursekf a hot drink while you're there'

    Such relief - some folks who knew

    Exactly what you're going through

    And understood my crazy way

    Of struggling from day to day

    Where kindness reigned - advice was free

    Even to the likes of me

    So Please don't ever doubt it's true

    That you make a difference - 'cos you do :)

  • Awww! That's wonderful :)

  • Fantastic!!! x

  • Baron , you have made a real difference , thank you for all you have done and to everyone here.

    Elenor, loved the poem, it's been like that here for me. you are all fantastic people .... x

    TN :)

  • Thanks Nan, much appreciated!

  • Thank you for letting us know, mine didn't either. Not such a happy ending. 😏

  • It's a fix! :(

  • Cheers pal!

  • I don't even know what won, do you?

  • No, I was hoping to see what had been selected, I know mine was too long, hopefully that was why it wasn't selected, rather than it was rubbish.

  • Andy, have you thought of sending it to the health bods? I have to confess that I don't know who that might be in Lincs ( I tend to give Lincs neurology a wide berth given their inability to spot my annie) - but they ought to be able to use your films to educate people with/carers for those with a brain injury. That would reach a targeted but needy audience, rather than a wide one, but would have more bangs for its bucks, as it were.

    Also, have Headway featured them? (if not, why not?) You could also try the Brain and Spine organisation, the BAF Support website, ( more aneurysm but of course there is loads of crossover) and another more generic one might be again more because of crossover of symptoms and life experience more than congruity of initial occasioning event. (Oooh I think I got that right...sounds a bit like the old corporate b0ll0cks coming through though....)

    I'll ponder a while and see if I can come up with anything else. Mugging Peter Levy might be an option - and I'd be up for that.

    Of course my other half is best friends with Melvyn of Melvyn in the morning fame (?!) having been on there last Thursday to promote his week of sleeping out on the street to raise funds for the Nomad Trust - how about approaching him? He seems a decent chap....we could get you a look in through C's voice diaries during the week....? (for a small, sponsorship fee, obviously....)

  • If you come up with anything promising, I'll sponsor whatever you like :)

    On my Facebook page and on Twitter, I've contacted Peter Levy, every regional BBC and ITV news programme in Britain, along with the NHS and so many organisations that I've lost count. Headway have ummed and aahed but ultimately been unable to help other than featuring me on the website.

    Genuinely I'm out of ideas. People in the US and Australia have paid more attention than here in the UK, it's very, vet frustrating


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