Sorry to repeat myself, but the film 'Some People' has now been viewed by 55,000 people!

However, the UK aren't remotely interested, strangely. I've spoken (yes, spoken) to folk from New Zealand, Australia, The US, Ireland, Canada and more. Of the 55,000 views, about 100 are British. It's frustrating in the extreme, nobody here, and I mean NOBODY is at all interested. I've messaged and sent the film to countless organisations and none have bit.

Hey ho...

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  • It'll be your 'eccentricity' value which attracts other cultures ; you know how many foreigners find the English curiously irresistible (and in your case that's without saying a word).

    But does it matter who/where your audience is, so long as you're spreading understanding of BI far and wide.

    I understand though, how we'd like more understanding from the people we live amongst !

    Hope you're all OK.....................xx

  • Hi you,

    I'm fine ta. I've been solidly committed to nothing more than promoting this thing online for a month now. I'm delighted (and amazed) that so many people have had a look, I'm just baffled really as to why I can't summon up any interest here.

    Curiously irresistible? Have you been on the sauce again? :)

  • 'Tis true ; something to do with the 'stiff' accent, the queen and all the pageantry................................ and folks abroad seem to swallow it all ! ('til the footy hooligans make the news ). x

  • I could be the next James Bond.

    Shame I'd forget the mission :)

  • Now that is wishful thinking, don't forget us when you are famous x

    Janet signing in from sunny Turkey 😀Xx

  • Ooh, get you, I thought you were quiet :)

  • I agree it is odd,when i shared Adrianne Haslett Davies talk on facebook,(What pepole say when they donot know what to say) NOTHING! i sahre it on here,and you lot of course loved it!Keep up the good work Baron,the rest of Britain will the get the leadweight hint in the end!

  • I very much doubt it...

  • AAAHH you never know

  • Wouldn't it be nice if Headway put this on their home page..hint, hint @Headway.

    I'll mention this when I am next in touch with the support worker from our local branch. They are revamping their website and Facebook page - my daughter's been asked to help them with this as her focus at uni was social media marketing. In fact, I'll send her the link to your film and ask her for ideas on how to get more views and some well deserved recognition. Everyone seems to be all hyped up about Brexit, new PM, etc. Perhaps you've just been lost in a very big shuffle.

  • Yeah,that's an idea :) Your support is hugely appreciated, thank you very much indeed. Every little helps...

  • Morning Baron. Where can I view the film? N

  • Hi, it's on my feed on here somewhere, along with others. And it's on my Facebook page, 'Notes From The Brain Damaged Baron' and Twitter @BrainDamagedBaron...

  • Whilst I am not a religious person this biblical quote quite often sums things up - "no prophet is accepted in his hometown. "

    How many times have we seen artists, actors, sports stars fail to find success until they have moved to another part of the country or even abroad..

    It must be a nice feeling that at least the international viewers enjoy the heartfelt ramblings :-)

  • Ramblings? How dare you! :) I call them nonsensical witterings :)

    It's great that folk anywhere are having a look, really good. I'm dead chuffed

  • Mind you it is also a bit creepy, like when I sell something on eBay and several hundred people view the item, you think don't they have something else to do !!

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