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Short Film Competition Entry


UKABIF (United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Foundation) ran a competition in September asking people to send in films, no longer than five minutes describing the effects of a brain injury. For your 'entertainment', here's my entry...

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Ha very good rather apt for today, which I've crashed and is foggy. Don't think I've seen this one? Or maybe I have since I often do forget.

You may have seen it on FB, I'm not sure :)

Hi Andy, I just found this site too, good to see you here! Jo

BaronC in reply to Swissjojo

Hello! If it aint my little brain injury partner in crime :) How did you miss us, we've been here years :)


I only just joined!! Been searching around a bit more, especially as I couldn't sleep last night,: full moon tonight did for me. Glad to be here!!

Hi Andy, I was sitting there watching and sagely nodding in recognition, but then you come in with the killer comedy blow and I couldn't stop laughing. Well done once again for telling it like it is, and good luck with your entry.

BaronC in reply to Elenor3

Thank you! Glad you related to it.


"I look fine, therefore I am fine" and "meow". Now two of my favourite quotations. I have been reassured by the use and descriptions of 'fog' here. A major thing to me, a word the medical people don't even repeat back to me. A person very close to me said, 'You have seemed fine when I have seen you so you're better now.' It sent me spiralling into self-doubt, 'is it me? Am I fine?' Then answered, myself, 'No, I feel it, it is present, it is here, it is real.' Best of luck with your entry.

BaronC in reply to Kayann

Thanks! Oh, it's certainly present, without doubt!


Keep up the good work kid ; best of luck in the competition ! ;-) xx

BaronC in reply to cat3

Thanks, duck :)

That was brilliant. I'm new to this site and I've never heard anybody explain 'The fog', the trauma of trying to get through the day - and speaking about a hard reality - the loss of friends, (and for me some relatives).

Thankyou. I don't feel as isolated with this as I did a few minutes ago.

BaronC in reply to Freckle1000

Hi Freckle, so glad you 'enjoyed' it. I'm so pleased people are agreeing with what I say in the film! I must be doing something right

My favourite quote by a bemused commentator from the Brazil Olympics during the swimming, 'The lights are on, the pool is green, I don't know WHAT'S going on !' It so often sums up my head : )

Best of luck with your entry Andy x

BaronC in reply to angelite

Yeah, I like that!

'The lift doesn't quite reach the top floor', I particularly like too :)

angelite in reply to BaronC

You just reminded me that the ancient lift at the old factory I used to clean at always stopped between floors - it had an 'inch down' button so you could gradually drop level with the floor. I'm still looking for my personal 'inch down' button ! : ))

Of all the days for me to watch's very, very foggy today and I'm struggling through it as usual! I feel like I've been drinking...I haven't; my eye sight is a nuisance but again as usual I could pass any eye test they gave me, (mega frustrating). I've no idea how to describe the way I am today but yes I'm trapped in a fog! Fantastic work Andy, good luck with your entry. Now for me to try to get through this fog and take a shower in the hope that it takes the fog away for a while! Clears the old eyes and head and allows me to enjoy at least some of today! xx

BaronC in reply to peaches2

Thanks and good luck, Peachy. I hope the fog soon clears!

Andy x

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