DVLA and Freedom!!

Today, at very long last, I got my Driving license back. It comes with such a sense of relief and freedom! Being without it has been hard but what makes it worse is the length of time the DVLA take. I had been told that it takes up to 6 weeks just for your letter to be opened and then scanned onto their system so it can then be actioned by the staff! That to me, if nothing else, is a complete ignorance of what its like to be without your license and, as brain injury sufferers, the sense of independence and freedom the licence gives to us. My tip when dealing with the DVLA is this - if you can, hand deliver your application forms/ medical certificates to the DVLA offices. I did that with my fitness to drive certificate from my GP and had my licence back within a matter of days. Rock on!!

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  • I was told categorically that it would be 9 to 12 months before I could drive again after a haemorrhage. The hospital arranged for a form to be sent to DVLA notifying them of my SAH as soon as I became compass mentis, though I don't remember this !

    So it was a big surprise when, at my first recall appointment three months after discharge, the neurosurgeon showed me the scan of my mended brain and, after a long consultation told me to go home and phone DVLA to tell them I'd been cleared to drive by my consultant.

    It's a brilliant feeling isn't it Nigel. Freedom !!

    Take care. xx

  • It sure is Cat. Mine revoked on 10 March and returned today! And I'm loving it as is my dog who can now look forward to a lot more walking in the forest rather than the garden x

  • Excellent news, enjoy your new found freedom :-)


  • That is fabulous news. It was eight months and an on road driving assessment until I had my drivers licence reinstated. You have regained your independence! xx

  • One option that you can take to speed up the process think is to contact the relevant assessment center and 'go private' through them, we did this and then when the DVLA referred me to them, the center refunded what we had paid, but we were able to keep the date that we had arranged.

    Details of the UK wide centers


    Wales one that we used (current cost is £93)


    Hope this helps people.

  • Enjoy the freedom :-)

  • another thing - they tell you to apply for your licence say 3 months after the revocation but then they told me over the phone its 3 months from the date of the SAH!! Watch out for that x

  • Hi There

    You will be overjoyed at getting your driving licence back its your freedom. It took my husband over a year to get his back after a TBI after getting local MP involved as dvla where a nightmare he had to get 2 medicals done for it too. Was a further year before he was allowed to drive an ambulance again. Enjoy your freedom. 🚗🚗

  • Well Done Nigel fantastic. I only lost mine for 12 weeks and it felt like a year. N xx

  • I'm also in a bit of s no mans land with regards to driving. I had to surrender my licence in hospitsl due to my TBI , but a year on its the dizziness, fatigue, occasional blurred / disturbed vision and stabbing pains in my head that make me think I shouldn't reapply. I'm not sure how 'well' you have to be to drive a car. Considering some of the driving I see, people texting and weaving all over the road, people driving at you when you're trying to cross, people who don't seem to know that you need to give way to the right at roundabouts - I think I might be a be safer driver than many out there :)

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