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Very old head injury

When I was 4 years old I was hit on the right side of the head by a swing in a play park. My brother had been messing with the swings and I have no idea where my dad was. My father took us home shortly after this took place, but he never got me checked out by a doctor - he was more concerned with covering it up so that he would not be in trouble with my mother! I do remember at one point my head was bleeding. I am now 36 years old, and recently the right side of my head has been painful a lot. I do have an indentation on this side of my head - which I put down to this incident. My hair covers it, but I can feel it if I fun my fingers through my hair.

The injury has not really been a massive problem - I would occasionally get a bit of pain there. But over the last few weeks it has been painful a lot. It feels like I am being hit at the side of my head.

Is this normal for old injuries to suddenly become painful like this and how can I make the pain go away? Should I be worried?

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I don't think it is normal for an injury sustained 32 yrs ago to now be causing increased pain. I advise you to go and get checked out by your GP and if it becomes increasingly more painful go to A&E.


I'm wondering if you've had nerve damage all these years Harpo.

Ask your GP for a referral to a neurology dept. where you can finally get it checked out. It might be that the only option is pain management, but at least you'll be clear on the extent of any damage. x


Hello there Harpo

I think you would be best to see your GOP and ask for a neurology referral.

Your problems now could be related to what happened all those years ago but the only way to know for sure is to get yourself checked over.

Don't leave it will you ?....get it seen to asap and sending you all good wishes .

If you get a chance drop by and let us know how you are doing.

I agree with Strawberry Cream, go to A and E if it is getting more painful. Health is a very precious thing, look after yourself.



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