I saw this on a poster recently and thought I'd share it as I couldn't stop laughing - it fits me perfectly, not sure who the author is, but I think he or she must know me.

'I always try to avoid thinking about what I'm about to say - I want to be as surprised as everyone else is when I hear what it is.'

Mmmmmm - life is full of surprises. Have a good weekend everyone.

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  • Class xx😆

  • Good to see you back Candy. ;-) xx

  • Thank you cat, yep I'm back 👌😘

  • How apt Elenor ! Have a lovely weekend too m'dear. xx

  • Brilliant!

  • Brilliant x

  • Yep! And you have a good weekend too.xx

  • what comes out comes out, i find writing i have to think what im going to say so that cuts out the expletives, if im out with my wife or at a group meeting then the filters go

  • Lol that sounds so me, engage my brain before I speak I was told recently. I got an excuse, executive dysfunction, sorry if I offend anyone but what's there season for being so damn rude

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